These Are the 10 Most Important Things Women Need to Know About Men

It's no secret men don't understand women. But do women really understand men, either? Here's a list of the top 10 things men wish women understood.

1. Sometimes, We Don't Want to Talk

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One user confessed, “Sometimes I don't want to talk. It has nothing to do with you or anything wrong, but me just enjoying not speaking.”

“Although sometimes when I say “nothing,” it may be something too embarrassing or boring to share, like I will be replaying a movie scene in my head and trying to get the dialogue right. nobody needs to hear that.” Another guy said.

2. I'm Not a Mind Reader

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“Just because your feelings are obvious to you, it is not always obvious to me.” One guy explains, “I can't read minds, just explain it, and I'll understand.”

Another guy states, “please don't assume everything obvious to you is obvious to me. If I don't agree with you, instead of getting mad, please try to understand my point of view first, just ask more questions, and I'll answer them as honestly as possible.”

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3. We've Been Conditioned To Suppress Our Emotion

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One man says, “Men are raised with the expectation that they'll suppress vulnerable emotions. But, unfortunately, simply telling a man they need to communicate better isn't going to reverse decades of emotional suppression.

Another answered, “That's why I'm a believer in Selective sharing. Don't give out too much, just enough to keep them satisfied. You can also test the waters and see if your partner uses it against you. If they don't, then you know you can open up more.”

4. You Need To Make It Obvious

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“If you like a guy, make it blatantly obvious to him. We miss the subtle hints about 99% of the time,” states one user.

Another added, “Most guys know the consequences of “getting the wrong idea” so even if they think a girl is flirting with them, they will often over-correct or second-guess their estimations and wait for more explicit confirmation.”

5. We Don't Care About Decorations

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One guy confessed, “Never really verbalized it, but I don't care to decorate. It can look nice and all that, but all I see is a bunch of stuff that requires dusting. And if they're holiday decorations, something I'm going to have to end up putting away.”

6. Order the Big Meal; We Don't Care

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“Order as much food as you like. I don't care. Just don't order something tiny and dull and then eat mine.” Says one guy.

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Another man told his story, “My wife got annoyed one time because I made additional chicken nuggets for myself after she “had a couple” (four) of what I made for myself after she declined my offer to make her some.”

“In her mind, she didn't eat enough to affect the overall batch, and I was only making more as a passive-aggressive way to tell her I didn't want to share. I just wanted 15 nuggets. If I wanted 11 nuggets, I'd have made 11 nuggets.”

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7. We're Not Trying To Scare You

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One guy begs, “I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just walking in the same direction. Sorry for giving you a heart attack for a second trying to get ahead of you because I feel nervous walking behind you, thinking you're scared of me.”

“I usually pull out my phone and overact to give the impression that I don't notice even notice you so that I'm not perceived as a threat.” another guy says.

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8. We Like Being the Little Spoon Sometimes

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One guy says, “Sometimes it's nice to be the little spoon.”

“We all need time as the little spoon. It's called equality, and if a woman refuses to big-spoon you, she doesn't know what she's missing. It's adorable to hold a man like that, feel his back, and put your hands on his tummy. I love it,” one woman responds.

9. We Like Forehead Kisses

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One guy said, “I could count the number of times I had them with one hand even after a long-term relationship, and to be honest, it's a wonderful feeling. That and more physical love, not sexual touch, just physical love.”

10. Make the Move if You Like Us

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“If you like us, don't just stare at us and wait for us to make the first move,” asked one guy, “Maybe we don't like you as much as you think, but we will if we spend more time with you. So if you like us, the best thing you can do is to ask us out and tell us how you feel.”

Another guy added, “I wish ladies would do this more. A lot of fear and frustration would be solved if women were more open to approaching men they like, and men accepted that, if they aren't approached, the lady isn't interested.”

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