10 Things People Used to Respect That Are a Complete Joke Now

In today's fast-paced world, where things constantly evolve, some things have lost their charm and respect over time. Recently, people have shared such things that people used to respect on an online platform, but now they have become a complete joke. 

1. Job Inquiries in Person: A Thing of the Past

In today's society, a job seeker believes that entering a workplace to inquire about a job in person is no longer considered a good job hunting. They feel that online applications and virtual interviews have replaced the traditional method of job hunting. The idea of physically showing up to a workplace to express interest in a job is now considered outdated and even unprofessional by some.

2. TV Channels That Used To Mean Something

As a viewer pointed out, the respect for certain television networks has declined. Channels like The History Channel, The Learning Channel (TLC), and MTV are no longer held in high regard like once. The History Channel was known for its informative and educational programming, while TLC focused on science, nature, and history. MTV originally showcased music videos but has since shifted its focus to reality TV shows. These channels no longer live up to their original goals and have lost their reputation for quality programming.

3. Food Network: From Education to Entertainment

The Food Network used to be a respected channel for food lovers, but not anymore. They used to find the channel educational and fun, but now it's just nonstop competition shows. This trend of competition shows has taken over many TV channels, leading to a decrease in the quality of their content. The viewer expressed disappointment in the change, as they used to learn a lot about food and cooking from the channel.

4. The Fall of Bank Managers

As an observer mentioned, bank managers are no longer respected like they were in the past. They were once considered the backbone of local communities, with their authority and knowledge highly valued. But today, many bank managers have lost their power and are often seen as glorified customer service representatives. Technological advancements and centralized decision-making have diminished their role.

5. The Decline of Facebook's Exclusivity

Reflecting on Facebook's past, one commentator notes how the platform's initial popularity was driven by its exclusivity, with access limited to users with a .edu email address from select universities. The commenter acknowledges that this exclusivity gave the platform a cachet, but it has completely dissipated.

6. Dr. Martens: From Quality to Quantity

Another keen observer shared that Dr. Martens' boots were used to symbolize quality and durability. They had a reputation for lasting years, but since private equity took over and moved to manufacture offshore, the quality of the boots has decreased significantly. Instead of buying a “genuine” pair of Dr. Martens, the user suggests considering purchasing boots from the company that used to make them for DM, as their quality is now a mere shadow of what it once was.

7. The Monetization of Hobbies

Hobbies used to be respected for enjoyment and creativity, according to a hobbyist. Nowadays, the culture of constantly hustling and monetizing everything has seeped into the world of hobbies, making it harder for people to enjoy their passions without pressure to turn them into a source of income. This hobbyist musician feels frustrated that whenever they share their music, the conversation turns towards making money rather than simply enjoying the art. They believe that time spent on enjoyable activities is a good use, even if it doesn't lead to financial gain.

8. Guinness Book of World Records: From Impressive Feats to Stunts

Have you noticed that the Guinness Book of World Records just isn't what it used to be? That's the opinion of a commenter who feels that the book has lost its prestige and is now just a platform for people to boost their egos. The user said the book was a respected and professional compilation of impressive human feats. But now, anyone can get their name in the book, regardless of how unimpressive their accomplishment might be. It's a shame that the book has lost its charm.

9. The Demise of Landline Telephones

An individual laments the loss of respect for landline telephones, which used to be an essential communication tool connecting people to their loved ones, businesses, and emergency services. However, with the rise of unsolicited calls and the inability to control them, the once-vital technology has become a nuisance. The younger generation is unlikely to answer unknown calls, even on their mobile phones, showing the decline in the value of phone conversations. Wired phones, in particular, are now considered obsolete.

10. Quora: The Yahoo! Answers of Today

Remember the good old days of Quora? One user does. They reminisced about a time when Quora was the go-to place for people seeking expert insights on various topics. Back then, the content was top-notch and informative, and users genuinely desired to help others. Sadly, things have changed. The user laments the fact that Quora has devolved into a platform filled with self-promoters and low-quality content. Despite this, the user still has a soft spot for the Quora of old.

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