10 Things That Are Legal But Should Be Banned Now

There are a lot of legal things that some people feel should be illegal. From online gambling to child extortion, these are the top ten answers to the question of what is legal but should be illegal.

1. Fake Ads for Mobile Games

Technically illegal, as it is false advertising, some loopholes allow companies to advertise their game with game-play that isn't accurate. For example, some will include disclaimers like “not all images represent actual game-play.” They think as long as they put disclaimers like those, then they are not misleading.

2. Insurance Companies Denying Treatment

One emergency room doctor claimed he has heard horror stories from patients about their treatment or surgery being denied. For example, he recalls one veteran being told he needed back surgery to function. However, the insurance company refused to pay for it and would not explain why.

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3. Pelvic Exams Under Anesthesia

Medical students and professionals can perform pelvic exams on you under anesthesia. Even if the reason you are under anesthesia is for something completely unrelated.

In some states, “hidden” within the paperwork you sign is a disclosure stating they are allowed to do this. However, one user says, “it's all in medical, legal jargon, so people just sign it, not knowing what they're signing.”

4. Child Beauty Pageants

Putting a full face of makeup, false lashes, and some rumored to be actual plastic surgery on a child repulses some. We teach our children at a young age to be self-conscious of their looks and that you're popular when you look good.

One user also stated, “the mothers are the worst. It's like they're trying to live out their own fantasy through their children. But, in reality, it's just hurting the child's self-esteem.”

5. Payday Loans

Payday loans are designed to exploit lower-income people. You can get a loan to get you by until you're payday. But then, when you pay it back, a hefty fee is included. So now you're out more money and will likely have to get another load before your next payday.

It's a vicious cycle of paying off loans; in some states, you can receive more than one. Causing you to get a loan to pay off your former loan.

6. Bank Fees

Many banks charge fees for their checking accounts. To avoid the fee, you must meet a required amount in your account, have direct deposit, or some other requirement. Unfortunately, with some people living paycheck to paycheck, holding an account can cost them money.

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7. Paparazzi

They invade celebrities' privacy, taking unwanted or unflattering photos to spread gossip about them worldwide. While some stories may be true, choosing to go public about them should be their choice.

One user reported, “we see so many times an angry celebrity at a photographer, and we blame the celebrity for having anger issues. But would we want someone invading our life all the time? We would be angry too.”

8. Telling People What They Can Do With Their Own Land

To make modifications to your home, you have to purchase permits. These permits also have to be approved. While some say these laws are in place to protect your neighbors, others argue it's their land, and they should be able to build whatever they want on it.

9. Squatters Rights

Squatters have a right to stay in the residence until the landlord takes them to court to force them out. This can take months to finish. The place is not making money, yet the owner still has to keep paying for the property. One user says, “squatters should have no rights. You can't just take up residence in someone else house and say it's now yours.”

10. Gambling Apps on Phones

One user advised casino games on your phone. Most of these games are not to win real money, but you can spend a lot of money to buy the app currency to play more.

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They said, “It can be like giving an addict an unlimited supply of drugs and saying “you have to be responsible.”

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