10 Tips About Women Men May Not Be Able to Handle

Women confess to what they think men should hear but may not be ready to. What do you think? Did we leave anything off the list?

1. It's My Job To Be Nice to You

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One user informed, “I worked in customer service on commission. Almost every guy would interpret a sales pitch as flirting because I was a female. We had a universal selling process with literal steps, the same across the company.”

“So it had nothing to do with what I was saying, just that I was female and friendly. You just came in to buy something from me; of course, I'm going to smile at you and say hello!

2. Your Bathroom Needs To Be Cleaned

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One woman confessed, “I dated a guy in 2019 who was fairly well off and had a great little downtown loft. I went to his place after dinner and used the restroom. He had the most disgusting bathroom, so I brought it up to him later as a deal breaker, and his excuse was that he had a cleaning lady.”

One man asked, “I say this as a guy who has always kept quite a clean and tidy house, but is the standard that low? I'm sure some guys live in their filth, but is it such a high percentage that it warrants stating to all men?”

3. Anger Is an Emotion

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One user said, “If you're angry or easily upset and people have to walk on eggshells around you, guess what? You're an emotional person.” On the other hand, one user argued that anger is a secondary emotion, usually covering their actual feelings.

“Since anger is a secondary emotion, one could argue that men aren't emotional. But then again, since anger is hiding the true emotion, depression, fear, sadness, etc., this still proves to be true that men are emotional too.”

4. Stop Saying You're a Nice Guy

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“Saying you are a nice guy is like a restaurant advertising they won't give you food poisoning.” one user said. “I feel like anyone who tries to sell you certain positive qualities by name is not those things.”

Another user chimed in, “As an extension to this. This goes for everyone, but if you have to say you are a nice person, odds are you aren't that nice of a person.”

5. You're Not Smart Just Because You Know Something I Don't

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One user commented, “making us feel stupid for not knowing something doesn't make you look smart.” Another user says, “Nothing is less attractive than a man who makes people feel stupid. It is an instant turn-off. So many of my crushes were dispelled by a boy treating me like an imbecile.”

“Men, in general, you will be more well-liked if you treat everyone as if they are intelligent beings with the same level of intellect as you. No one likes to be treated as an ignorant child who needs everything explained to them. If a woman asks you about something, by all means, explain away.”

6. Don't Tell Me to Smile

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One user confessed, “I hate being told to smile. I've heard it so much. Just the other day, I had a man, easily 30 years older than me, when I was walking into the grocery store say, Smile for me, sweetie!”

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A man chimed in to talk about his experience with someone telling his girlfriend to smile. “I had heard girls talk about how men would tell them to smile, but I won't lie, I did use to think, so what is it that bad?”

“But when I heard a man say this to my girlfriend, the absolute creepiness of the guy telling her to smile made the hairs on my neck stand up. So I turned and firmly told the guy to back off. It wasn't fun or flirty or a compliment. It was more like “dance for me, monkey.”

7. Women Don't Like Men They Don't Know Grabbing Them

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One user stated, “We do not like strange men grabbing our waists to move us out of their way. So if you wouldn't grab a random man by the waist, don't do it to a random woman.”

“Or the small of the back touch. I want to punch every guy who has ever done this to me without my consent,” confessed another woman. “Any touching should always be off limits.”

8. Tell Us When It's Over

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One user begged, “Please tell us if something is wrong. Do not cheat. It hurts and keeps hurting forever. If you know, it's over or are not invested in the relationship anymore, please talk it out.”

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“Leave and do as you, please. Don't break someone's heart in the process. Being cheated on feels like the death of your soul mentally and physically affects your health.”

9. Understand Women Have To Have a Guard up at First

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“You may be trustworthy, honest, and honorable in your intentions, but many men are not. And we don't know which category you fall into at first.” one user stated, “If you feel like a woman doesn't trust you, that isn't a personal insult to you. It's the behavior we've had to learn to survive.”

“If you are the good guy you proclaim to be, then you have to be willing to put in the time for trust to be established.”

10. Sometimes, Women Are Afraid

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Sometimes what you perceive as admiration or respect is actually fear. You're bigger than us, and we always have that at the back of our minds, even if we don't personally have a reason to fear you. This isn't true of all women, but I suspect it's true of a lot of us.

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