10 Ridiculous Red Flags To Avoid At All Costs

The Reddit community compiled a list of red flags in both men and women that should be avoided.

Never Their Fault, Always Someone Else's

“Yes, this is a huge red flag no matter what your relationship is with the person in question. Significant other? Red flag.Boss? Red flag. Employee? Red flag. Friend? Red flag.


Conveniently Matching Goals

“When interests and life goals turned out to be 100% the same as yours after you have shared yours. Or changes as you talk about what is important to you,” one user said.


Extreme Jealousy

“Really jealous. Everyone has a tiny bit or none at all. But people really jealous will make your life hell,” one user said. “When they accuse everyone else of being jealous all the time,” someone else added.


Ignoring Boundaries

For instance, if they ask for my number too soon (like the first 10 minutes of chatting) I tell them that I'm uncomfortable giving my phone number to someone I don't know yet and ask to continue chatting through the app.


“Something I mention often: If they can't handle themselves when you're not available. What I mean by that is if you want to go do something alone, and they take that as a personal insult and badger you the entire time you're doing it.


Can't Be Alone