10 Boomer Phrases We Can’t Hear Without Groaning

Many times, we are extremely annoyed at hearing something. Arguing is useless, so we roll our eyes and continue our tasks. It is an excellent way to express frustration when the speaker is not watching. If the other person notices the eye roll, they might correct their ways, or it might harm your relationship permanently. Some eye roll phrases might be:

Please Listen Closely; Our Options Have Changed 

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We frequently call helplines, and when the prerecorded voice tells us that the options have changed, it's irritating as we want to finish the work but end up hearing the whole recording. What's more infuriating is when the options are the same. An employee who had memorized the entire process noticed that the recording had stayed the same for four years. 

Life Hack

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Life hacks save time and energy for day-to-day activities. Nowadays, the internet has a whole lot of useless life hacks. One user mentioned how putting ice cream in Coca-Cola was termed a life hack when it was just explaining ice cream floats. Another user said that the association of life hacks with something silly is ingrained in his thoughts.

My Kid Would Never Do That

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Parents and teachers often hear this phrase, specifically from parents whose kids have been the most mischievous. Parents do this to defend their children either because they think their child is innocent or to lay off the blame. Either way, it gives the impression that they consider the other person dishonest. A teacher explained how, during the lockdown, many parents discovered that the problem was with their kids.

Just Being Brutally Honest

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Honesty is an admirable trait and makes a society worth living in. Some people use it as a pretext to say things that tend to hurt people, so they don't have to consider other people's feelings. Honesty doesn't excuse someone if they are being rude or mean. One user believed that one should be brutally honest only if it is unavoidable.

Lets Action This

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Corporate jargon differs from everyday language, and ‘let's action this' in corporate terms means carrying out the decided strategies. The phrase is irksome as action is already a verb and is fine in its form. Why change it into something senseless? A commenter claimed that they had never used the term. Instead, they used ‘handle this/that.'

Thanks for Understanding

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Thanking someone is polite and a way to acknowledge the person's effort. However, it gets infuriating when some people use it after upsetting someone, possibly because they canceled their plans or have not done something they should have. One user found this phrase revolting and said that they understand the situation but not how the person wants them to understand.

Doctors Don't Know What They Are Doing These Days

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Doctors spend years studying and some more to get hands-on experience during their internship. Thus, it's next to impossible that they have yet to learn what they are doing. An individual was in disbelief to hear this from someone unwilling to have blood thinners due to a stroke. Another user recollected the incident where a person with diabetes used the phrase as an excuse to drink and smoke.

The Customer Is Always Right

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This is a phrase used to encourage employees to give customer satisfaction the top priority. The term is usually misinterpreted. The complete quote is, ‘The customer is always right in matters of taste.' Only ‘taste' doesn't mention price, service, or refund. A respondent warns that the phrase does not give customers the right to disrespect employees.  

I Have Trauma

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Trauma is neither when someone is upset because the events are not as per their wishes nor when they are sad. Symptoms of trauma include the inability to carry out everyday activities, flashbacks of the traumatic event, nightmares, and mood swings. A person with PTSD was bothered by the statement, as people tend to invalidate his condition, reasoning that everyone has trauma.

Can't You Just Let It Go?

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One can forget difficult things that occurred once in life, but ignoring things that take place frequently is difficult. If the statement is used often between spouses, it is a red flag one should pay attention to. Somebody was thankful for having walked out on her ex-husband, who used to say this repeatedly. 

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