10 DIY Projects for a Cozier Bedroom

Is your room old and boring? Do you need a change for once without spending big bucks? In this situation, you ask yourself what to do. Well, the answer is simple! Get your crafting supplies ready to make some DIY room decorations like :

1. Instagram Photo Display DIY Cozy Bedroom Project

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Dig up your Polaroid collection, and let's get started. This project can be done with items found at home. Use a large wooden frame and hang a few threads by pinning thumbtacks to both sides. Use metal clips to secure the thread and pictures. This is a sweet little Instagram display for a memorable touch to your room.

2. Cozy Pillow Project Using Upcycled Sweaters

Woman wearing sweater relaxing by window
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Think twice before throwing out your old sweater. Instead, cut out a pillow-shaped tube from it. After lining the sweater with inseams, sew the ends and stuff it. Complete the rest of the pillow with your iron and sewing machine until it's sealed. Now, you have a cozy addition to your room that's environment-friendly.

3. Floating Bedside Shelf Made With Wood Boards

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This project requires elbow grease, but it's worth it. So, bring out your toolbox and cut a preferred shelf size from a 1 X 8 X 8 foot wooden board. Take the extra wood to cut squares as ‘shelves' and thin pieces to support their weight. After nailing, you can even stain the wood for a finished look. How fantastic is this DIY?

4. DIY Picture Frame Candle Holder

Woman smelling candle
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This candle frame DIY is a no-brainer. And if you're like us and adore those glass candle holders, you will love this. All you need is four picture frames that you can buy or recycle. Use the glue gun along the sides to form a ‘box.' For the final touches, you can paint the frame in white acrylic for that chic style, and tada! It's ready.

5. Quick and Easy Cozy Arm-Knit Blanket Project

Woman Knitting
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If your room is your sanctuary, a chunky knit blanket to cuddle is what it's missing. Grab the super thick yarn at 5-6 WPI (wraps per inch) from a store like Micheals. Knit the yarn with your arms as giant needles. The guide for this is easy with a loop-in-loop motion. And lo, your room is now ten times cozier.

6. Easy Scandinavian-Inspired Fur Bench DIY

Woman with feet up on Bench
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You have probably seen those expensive furry benches in stores. Well, you can build your own. Start with a medium-sized plywood board and four wooden legs (with brackets). Glue a 2-inch foam with batting on the board and attach the legs. Next, cover a faux cloth on top and staple underneath. The result will be a stunning furniture piece.

7. DIY Rope Basket on a Budget

Woman doing laundry at washing machine with basket.
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Plastic laundry baskets ruin the look of any room. Turn them into rope baskets with these easy steps. Outside, wrap the baskets with muslin or any other cloth. Then, swirl a jute rope around the basket, gluing it to the top. Finally, your baskets are ready. Throw items like blankets and extra cushions inside for a playful look.

8. DIY Wooden Mirror for a Minimalist Room

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This minimal project is for those who own a small room where decor makes it look untidy. Buy a round wooden board (a knife board is OK), a gold chain, and some cup hooks. Drill holes for the holders and attach your chain. After this, you can safely glue on a small mirror upfront. At last, hang this gorgeous dainty mirror in your room.

9. Unique DIY Lighted Word Box

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Alright, we admit to having a fairy lights phase, too. To change things up, craft a message lightbox for your room. Cut out any word (e.g., LOVE or LIGHT) with an X-ACTO knife on craft paper. Place that piece at the bottom of a thick picture frame. Place the lights inside and close the frame. Then, switch the box on for an enchanted effect.

10. Girly Floral Monogram With Your Favorite Flowers

curly redhead woman with closed eyes smelling white flowers,stock image
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This last DIY is a monogram filled with flowers that is super aesthetic. Cut 3 to 7 long rectangular strips of cardboard. You can use a cereal box; it works fine. Attach the strip edges to form the ‘walls' of the alphabet. Cut some fake flower tips for the florals and insert them in the box. There's nothing more effortless than this adorable DIY project.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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