10 Most Important News Stories That Shaped the World in the Last Decade

Filled with ups and downs, the last decade has been a rollercoaster of unforgettable events for the world. These stories were diverse but effective for the globe, leaving a significant mark on the rest of the world. From Politics to environmental issues, the last decade has seen a lot. Let’s explore some of the defining stories that provided a new shape to the future.

1. Egyptian Revolution in 2011

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On January 25, 2011, the long-running regime of Husni Mubarak was ended due to a major rebellion among Egyptians. He ruled for 30 years, and the Egyptian people overthrew him with their peaceful marches, strikes, and revolutionary courage. They were an achievement of getting rid of the ruling person’s regime, whose tenure was accused of mostly corruption and authoritarianism.

2. The Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Sank in 2012

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The Italian cruise ship capsized off the coast of Tuscany due to a major hit to a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The incident resulted in 32 deaths, while the captain was sentenced to a 16-year jail for manslaughter during the accident. On this ship, there were employees and guests from different countries, so this incident gained much popularity and became a memorable event.

3. Law Passed For Same-Gender Marriages in 2013

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Yes, it happened on July 17, 2013. It was announced that royal assents are allowed to marry the same gender. The official announcement was made that the first same-sex marriages would be allowed from March 29, 2014.

4. Second Israel-Gaza War in 2014

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It was one of the deadliest conflicts that had unforgettable consequences in history. In the air strikes of Israel and Palestinian rockets, two thousand people were killed in total. Most of whom were Palestinians from Gaza.

5. Water Discovered by NASA on Mars in 2015

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 The discovery of water on Mars paved new ways for space exploration and planetary sciences. Water, the fundamental aspect of life, provided the possibility of life on Mars. The water cycles left scientists to explore the huge subject of Mars’s geology and its climate.

6. The Panama Papers Revealed in 2016

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The groundbreaking Panama Parers revealed massive confidential documents. An entire web of offshore businesses, secret invasions, laundered money details, and much more. The entire volume of this massive leak was 2.6 terabytes. These papers revealed hidden businesses of popular figures like politicians and celebrities.

7. Manchester Arena Attack in 2017

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A heart-wrenching event in history. On the night of May 22, 2017, a suicide bomber killed himself in Manchester, England. During a concert of infamous singer Ariana Grande, a suicide bomber exploded and resulted in the death of at least 22 people. Not only this, almost 800 people were injured.

8. Football Coach and Team Rescued in Thailand-2018

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On June 23, 2018, a football team and their coach ventured into a cave in Thailand. Unfortunately, due to heavy rains, the entrance of the cave was stopped, leaving the whole team and the coach trapped in the cave. As the days passed, the news of the incident and rescue operations were spread like fire around the globe. After eighteen days, with several rescues, the team was recovered. The team and their coach were praised a lot for their resilience and courage to live under the killing rains.

9. Boris Johnson Won the General Election in 2019

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In December 2019, the Conservative Party won the General Election with a majority of 365 seats out of 650. It was a historic victory as, since 1987, the conservative party hadn’t won any election by such a majority. The elections were also historic as it was the first general elections in December since 1923.

10. Covid-19’s First Case in 2020

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WHO announced that several patients with pneumonia-like diseases were discovered in Wuhan, China. Which were identified as coronavirus cases in January 2020. After that, the entire world faced a pandemic that led to thousands of deaths and millions of patients who suffered. After China, the entire world faced the pandemic and lost their loved ones. The lockdowns, isolation, and quarantine during this pandemic left several stories behind.

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