The Evolution of Board Games: 10 Modern Classics You Need to Play

A large number of board games are released every year. But, only a few become the center of attention on the tabletop. After becoming widely popular, these tabletop games are often played at gatherings. Below are mentioned the modern classics of board games that every hobbyist must try.

1. Terraforming Mars

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One of the modern board games, Terraforming Mars, includes the terraforming of the planets by the players. You have to use your cards to spend your resources and unique abilities to get the best points. The players act as greedy corporations to get money by exploiting Mars. Gamers older than 12 years are allowed to play this game. One to five players can enjoy Terraforming Mars at a time. 

2. Coup

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Coup is a popular deception game played at parties. In this board game, you get money and spend it on various abilities depending on the different cards you have. One feature that makes it exciting is that players can lie at any time by using a card they don't have. The most entertaining part of a Coup is when it's time to point out the player who is lying.

3. Carcassonne

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This board game makes you feel like you are really managing a great kingdom. It is the top game among tile-laying games. The engaging theme of Carcassone has made every true cardboard game lover its fan. Its popularity has led many other competitive games to copy its theme, but they failed. About two to five players of age older than seven years can complete this game within half an hour.

4. Betrayal at House

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This board game is relatively unique because of its basis on the horror theme. You have to explore the haunted house, get the items, and ensure their survival through many mysterious things happening alongside. Incorporating a different set of rules, betrayal by other players, and its easy comprehensiveness without huge time investment have made it everyone's favorite board game.

5. Wingspan

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As Wingspan's theme, the designer chose a bird sanctuary. In this game, you play as a bird enthusiast who has to discover and attract the birds to your wildlife preserves. These birds extend powerful combination chains in your habitats. Your habitats deal with different factors, such as gaining food tokens through custom dice. The audience loves this board game because of its violence-free and peaceful nature.

6. Azul

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Azul's beautiful components, drafting, and thought-provoking options make it a gamer's favorite board game. In Azul, you take turns coloring tiles from suppliers to your board. The points are made based on how you have placed your tiles to decorate the palace. You can also acquire extra scores by accomplishing some extra patterns.

7. 7 Wonders

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This game is set in civilization and its related ideas. You play as the controller of the civilization and combat with other players for the different areas. You can expand your infrastructure, make an army, promote science, and explore many more. You can play this game in multiplayer mode with your friends. It allows two to seven players older than ten years to complete this game within half an hour.

8. Dominion

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It is one of the favorite modern classic board games for young players. The unique combination of cards, fast-paced features, and its ability to enhance the players' skills have made it extremely enthusiastic for everyone. It is a deck-building game with a core centering on a single mechanism. (deck building). Two to four players of age older than 13 years can thrill from this game. It usually takes half an hour for the completion of a single game.

9. Splendor

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The attractive poker chips that come with Splendor have made it a popular board game worldwide. In it, you play as a merchant on the way to buying the gem mines, shops, and means of transportation. The whole struggle is to get the greatest points. As you get more and more wealth, you can have a visit from a noble, which will further add to your prestige.

10. Scythe

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It's a wargame but famous because of its simple strategy compared to other complex wargames. In this game, you must control powers and abilities with an alternate history of Europe. Scythe gives you a thrill when you fight over the resources, expand over the map, and undergo a war. It also has a unique theme, alluring artwork on the card pieces, and plenty of replayability.

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