10 Simple Ways to Earn Money Online

Money is one of the most significant essentials of life. Nobody can stay fit, healthy, and happy without some money in their hands. It's necessary to fulfill life responsibilities. When you go out to earn money for some bread and butter. You realize it's really not that easy and simple. Read below to find some of the easiest and safest earning ways in such times:

1. Online Surveys

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Earning money has become easier by doing such surveys and micro-tasks online. Different online platforms include Amazon Mechanical Turk, InboxDollars, Swagbucks, etc. They hire people for small tasks such as surveys or product reviews. However, they won't make you rich and give you a lot of dollars. But surely you can earn some handsome pocket money from this side hustle.

2. Digital Marketing

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As online businesses are growing, there are a lot of opportunities for people with digital skills. You can sell your marketing skills online. Selling products through effective digital marketing strategies can give you an excellent monthly income. You can list your products on different marketplaces. Let's say you are marketing for Amazon. You will be paid a commission on each item you sell. Facebook and eBay are also top-picked digital marketplaces, among many others.

3. Website Testing

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Web surfing is not just a time pass. It has become a skill. People with good web surfing skills have the opportunity to use it. People can use this skill to test websites as a user. TestingTime is a famous platform that sells website testing services. Join it as a seller and use your pro skills to test sites and earn money.

4. Start Your Blog

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This is another growing business these days. People are making handsome income from their personal websites and blogs. It's like an online asset that will give you dollars if you put some hard work into it. It's pretty easy to start a website/blog. For reference, YouTube is full of tutorials on how to create a website. You have to buy the domain and hosting for your website. The more traffic you gain on it, the more you will earn. 

5. Drop Shipping

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Drop shipping is another kind of digital marketing. But you will do this for another person/business. It's pretty easy to do this kind of marketing. You will get the affiliation from the online business you are drop shipping for. You will be selling their products with the name of your own company. There are different methods for drop shipping. Affiliation sites, FB marketplaces, and Pinterest are a few places you can use for this online work.

6. Join Airbnb

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Airbnb is enjoying quite a prosperous growth. People worldwide use Airbnb to rent out their free space to earn money. As a traveler, many people like to save money. So they rent out such places on Airbnb that suit their budget. If you have some free space to rent out, Airbnb is one of the best places to earn a good income. Plus, you will love to meet many visitors from diverse backgrounds.

7. Freelancing

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Another online source to earn money from the comfort of your home. You can do freelancing and sell your skills online. Join freelancing platforms like Fiver, Upwork, Freelancers.com, Revv, etc. You can sell your writing skills, web development, etc. Create your gigs and get the task you like on your desired payment.

8. Publish eBooks

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Good with writing? Why don't you sell your ebooks? With Amazon Kindle, there are many opportunities for people who are good at writing. You can sell your research, papers, novels, and books on Kindle. List your product on Kindle and earn money with each sale. Publish your writing with some professional cover. This is the simplest and best long-term passive income source.

9. Translation and Transcribing

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Like many freelancing platforms, the internet is full of translating and transcribing platforms. If you have some specific language skills, you can use them to earn money. There are platforms like Amberscript, Rev, GoTranscript, etc. You can join these platforms as a seller. Work as a full-time or part-time translator or transcriber. You can earn a good amount of money the more work you do. 

10. Online Teaching 

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Another growing field where you can safely work from your home. Many people hire online tutors as it is convenient for them. There are different sites where you can join as a tutor. Vits platforms like VIPKid and Teachable etc. To find which suits you best. Teach the subject you are most interested in or teach where your skill lies.

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