10 Polite Ways to Discourage Nosy People

Some people have a habit of interfering in other people's matters. They deserve the answer, ‘None of your business.' But some people know some polite ways to say the same sentence. Here are these polite alternatives shared by people on an online platform.

1. Please Do Not Worry

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One group in comments shared that there are polite ways to avoid people's suggestions. They stated that when people try to poke their noses in their work, they just say, please do not worry. It means they are telling them they need not worry about other problems.

2. I Can Handle This

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One participant stated that when someone interferes in his work, he says, ‘None of your business.' It doesn't sound nice. And there are alternative ways to keep such people at a distance. He added that he replies to this interference by saying, ‘I can handle this.' By saying this, the person trying to interfere in his work understands that he is not invited to interfere.

3. Topic for Another Day

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One girl mentioned that many people take an interest in others' personal matters. These people are friends, family, colleagues and co-workers. They mostly ask about the marriage and relationship of her. She wanted to reply by shouting, ‘None of your business.' But keeping a cool temper, she replies people, this is a topic for another day.

4. Change the Topic

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Some people do not know what to say and where to say it. And some people have the habit of asking personal questions in public places. Some ask about job, salary or family. The best way to deal with such people is to say; please change the topic. This way, the other person gets the answer, and the environment remains cool.

5. I Need Time to Think

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When people are in tension or depression, they share their feelings with friends and relatives. Here these people are obliged to show sympathy, love, and affection. But instead of providing all this, people start giving suggestions and opinions. Even some people start asking more deep questions. At this time, the best answer is to say I need time to think about this.

6. I Do Not Want To Bother You

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People offer their opinions and suggestions that are not even asked. These unwanted and illogical opinions are irritating, and the person already struggling can not bear this behavior. He may rudely say mind your own business. But the alternative way to say this is, ‘I do not want to bother you.'

7. I Am Introvert

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In random public places, some people do weird things. They ask random people insane questions. These questions include where you are from, where you live, what you do, and whether you are married. People do not feel comfortable replying to these questions. This situation can be handled by saying, ‘Sorry, I am an introvert.' 

8. I Want To Keep It Personal

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If someone is going through a difficult situation in his/her life, people feel it is compulsory to ask them about it. Asking about it is normal, but forcing them to tell is weird. And in these situations, they provide negative opinions that can worsen the situation. They can be replied by saying none of your business. But there is a polite way to say the same thing: ‘ I want to keep it personal.'

9. It's Not a Right Place

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Some people do not consider the time or place to discuss personal things. Because they only want to know about other's people life. The best answer to give them is none of your business. But it may offend them. An alternative answer for this situation is it is not the right place to discuss this.

10. I Believe in Myself

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One should keep his morale high because people are always here to decrease this. People want to get the benefit of the bad situation of people. For this, they offer insane suggestions which are not bearable. Or they try to intervene in one's personal matters. The best answer to give such people is to say I believe in myself. I will solve this situation on my own.

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