10 Shows With Less Than 40 Episodes That Can Be Binged in a Weekend

Nowadays, miniseries are getting more popular than prolonged serials because nobody has time to wait for the exciting plot endings. However, finding an excellent mini masterpiece is challenging as thousands of series are available online. Here are the top shows with excellent stories and less than forty episodes.

1. Band of Brothers (2001)

Image Credit: HBO.

It's the miniseries depicting the dramatization of actual incidents of World War II, particularly those associated with U.S. Easy Company. With just ten episodes, Band of Brothers has gained public interest with considerably high rewatches. A contributor mentioned that the first episode of this miniseries was the best hour of the television he ever watched. Another person shared she was so emotionally attached to it that she started crying at the end of the 8th episode.

2. Generation Kill (2008)

Photo Credit: HBO.

The series is about Evan Wright's experiences as an embedded reporter in America during the Iraq invasion of 2003. According to the fans, Generation Kill did not gain the fame and appreciation it deserved. A person stated he found so many things in the series that were exciting enough to resonate in his soul. At the same time, others love the etiquette and abilities of a leader, which are shown precisely in this war series.

3. True Detective Season 1 (2014)

Photo Credit: HBO.

With eight episodes, True Detective season 1 revolves around multiple characters plotted in different settings. Some commenters found Matthew McConaughey's performance in it to be the best performance of his career. A person shared he always subconsciously remained thinking of this season. This is because of this season's real-life plot, which is full of emotions.

4. Chernobyl (2019)

Image Credit: HBO.

People have found Chernobyl the best series of horror television media. The plot is so natural that some commenters felt nauseous and even experienced panic attacks while watching it. People shared that this movie is far more real and horrifying than popular horror movies. A girl shared she started watching Chernobyl with her mom, but she had to stop as her mother started freaking out at some scenes.

5. Over the Garden Wall (2014)

Photo Credit: Cartoon Network.

Its viewers have recommended this series to everyone, saying people should watch it without wasting time. Its plot revolves around two brothers who try to find their home after losing themselves in a mysterious place. An individual mentioned he watched Over The Garden Wall every fall when leaves started to change their color. Some people reported finishing the series in one sitting because it was amazing.

6. Dead Like Me (2003)

Photo Credit: Showtime.

It's an American comedy television series about the dead Grim Reaper. Contributors have stated that this series has greatly impacted their lives by changing the way they think. A person explained that he always watched science-fiction movies as a teenager. When he was in 6th grade, the premier of ‘Dead Like Me' came out. He watched its premiere with his grandfather and enjoyed it a lot. 

7. Mindhunter (2017)

Image Credit: Netflix.

The series greatly depicts the connection between science and murders. The story is about two FBI agents who tried to explore the psychology behind murders. An individual commented that writing and acting are so good and real that he always used to get anxious while watching. Some contributors complained about Netflix as they could not find their favorite series there for some random reasons.

8. Spaced (1999)

Photo Credit: Group Three Productions.

This miniseries is about friends with uncertain futures who decide to live in an affordable apartment by pretending to be a couple. A commenter mentioned that its writing is so brilliant that you would get the touch of Hollywood action and horror movies. He also found its lines exciting and meaningful. Others praised the amazing film directions and intellectual abilities of Edgar Wright.

9. Freaks and Geeks (1999)

Image Credit: NBC.

It was popular among teenagers because of its plot set in high school and its focus on explaining the hilarious injustice of teen life. Most contributors love Lindsay's character and Linda's acting in the series. In their opinion, this show should continue for a more extended period. It has even been declared a crime to end such an enjoyable show too soon.

10. Halt and Catch Fire (2015)

Image Credit: AMC.

With forty episodes, this American drama is based on the technological revolution. It explains the fictionalized early days when the internet was introduced. The fans have shared that every newer episode and season was better than the last. They loved everything, including writing, acting, characters, and Hatch and Catch Fire development.

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