10 Red Flags That Reveal Selfish and Toxic Traits

Narcissist people are those who are self-obsessed. It is a state of mind in which these people only value themselves. And this behavior is studied in psychology. According to a psychologist, here are a few signs of selfish people.

1. Attention Seeker

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A person who always wants to be attended by others is an attention seeker. Such people consider themselves to be treated as only they exist. If someone other grabs their attention, it can disturb such people. Psychologists have defied this attention seeker behavior as the prominent symptom of being a Narcissist.

2. Urge of Constant Admiration

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Narcissist people need all-time admiration. They want people to get amazed by their looks, body language style of behavior. They are in love with their own personality; thus, they think themselves to be loved by others too. And they expect people to praise them every time. But in reality, they are not attracting the people. 

3. Manipulation of Others

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Psychologists have conducted vast studies on the narcissistic behavior of people. There are a few features and characteristics of these people in common. Every narcissist behavior man will always manipulate others by giving them wrong suggestions and advice. They do so to keep them away from the right track and success because they can not watch anyone else's success. No matter whether he is a friend or a stranger. 

4. Jealousy

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Jealousy is the main element found in such people. It does not belong to jealousy of others' massive success. But this jealousy exists on minor levels even. For instance, if someone is eating his favorite food, they can not absorb this. They will make a lousy taunt on body shape or earning to spoil the mood of others because it is hard for them to see people happy and satisfied in their lives.

5. Shallow Relationships

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One more sign to detect a narcissist is that they will make a shallow relationship. They do not involve anyone too much. They develop the relationship only to the limit of need and demand. And when their need is fulfilled, they do not take a second to step backward because they consider themselves complete and superior. 

6. Self Praise

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Talented and adept do not make announcements about their skills. Because they know their work will speak. But the people who lack the abilities and still want to be prominent in everyone's eye exaggerate their skills. And they are narcissistic people. They scream about their abilities, expensive belongings, bank balance, and lavish lifestyle. But when they are explored, they are blank inside.

7. Unrealistic Expectations

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Narcissists make themselves happy with unrealistic expectations. They expect people, friends, and relatives to love them without taking something in return. But the reality is that relationships work from both sides. It works on give and take. But narcissistic people know only to take care and love. To care for and love someone does not exist in the dictionary of selfish people. 

8. Lack the Sense of Accountability

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Psychology provides a vast knowledge of the behavior and mindset of self-obsessed people. And psychologists offer information from their extensive experiences. One psychiatrist stated that his experience shows that selfish people do not consider themselves accountable. They think they are not answerable to anyone for anything. They assume they can do anything, whatever they want. 

9. Can Not Accept Criticism

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Here is one more thing that will intimidate the narcissistic nature of people. These people can not stand criticism. People with healthy minds and pure soul love to have fair criticism to upgrade themselves. And they take this criticism as a blessing. But narcissistic people get mad if someone criticizes them; they think themselves perfect. And that is why they can not accept anyone pointing out their errors or lacking.

10. Abrupt Mood Changes

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One psychology report says that selfish people are not mentally healthy. Their mind always works on how to defend themselves and how to grab attention. Even a minor thing against their will can destroy their mood. Minor criticism can burn them into the fire. And a little praising compliment can make them blush. That is why an abrupt switch in attitude is also a sign of being a narcissist.

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