10 Ways to Become a Captivating Storyteller

Storytelling is one of the practical arts of connecting millions of people. It directly impacts the audience and can help them in changing their ideas and living ways. But, not every storyteller can become successful in influencing their mindsets. Here are some tips that can help you in becoming a captivating storyteller,

1. Know Your Audience

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Interests of every age group vary from each other. People can be interested in different topics even within the same age group. So, you can attract more people to your story if you target your audience precisely. Before starting a story, ensure that your target audience is children, youngsters, or adults. Consider different mentality levels and then fill emotions accordingly in your story.

2. Clear Your Goal

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Every storyteller aims to give the audience a lesson, information, motivation, or anything else. You should have a clear concept of your goal in storytelling. Further, you must keep your content delivery tone according to your objectives. If you're going with motivational storytelling, your content should contain emotions and inspirations.

3. Attract Your Audience 

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Nobody can stop you from becoming an expert storyteller if you successfully prevent your audience from feeling bored. You have to use different types of hooks in your content. Analyze your audience's interest and select a specific hook. It can be a question, quote, stat, or fact that quickly attracts the audience. Besides this, try to be more creative and put other audience-attracting tactics in your story.

4. Try To Be Concise 

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People get bored more easily when stories become too long. Further, it also becomes difficult for storytellers to keep the audience engaged for a prolonged duration. So, adding useful and authentic information is the best way to avoid it. Exclude all fluff content and concise the story by keeping it to the point. 

5. Involve the Audience

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Audience-involving activities are the best way of boosting public engagement. You can introduce simple activities such as sharing personal experiences and self-analysis etc. For example, if your selected topic is about people suffering from depression, you can ask the audience to remember the traumatic periods of their lives. Besides this, you can add many other activities according to your targets by using your creativity.

6. Make Things Simple

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In today's highly interconnected world, all platforms are full of different kinds of stories. Everyone is trying to become a storyteller. But only those making things easier for the audience can get appreciation and become successful. So, after making rough details of your story, you have to work hard to make things easy to follow. Give logic and psychology behind your points, and then demand the audience to follow your ideas.

7. Maintain Your Body Language

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Besides verbal contact, you have to be conscious of your body language. It's a sort of non-verbal communication that helps the audience in getting an idea about your abilities and devotions. So, ensure your body should be relaxed in front of the public. Make eye contact with the audience individually. Don't move too much, particularly avoid touching your face repeatedly. Further, a warm smile can help you attract the audience's attention.

8. Observe Other Storytellers

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It's easy to notice mistakes when someone is performing in the front. So, all you have to do is read or listen to other storytellers and notice the downfalls. Compare if you're also lacking the same points. Try to improve these points or mistakes by rewriting, practicing, or consulting a senior. You can also analyze your previous stories to improve your abilities.

9. Avoid Exaggerations

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It's okay to add some exaggerations at the start to get public attention. But, beyond a limit, these exaggerations damage the authenticity of your content. It makes your content too artificial and fake. You will lose audience engagement due to these unrealistic additions to your story. So, try to be realistic and as simple as you can without affecting content quality.

10. Collect Audience Feedback

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Being a storyteller, collecting feedback is an efficient way of improving and growing yourself. It helps in identifying the public's demand, interest, and your lackings. After completing your story, make a convenient way of collecting feedback from your audience. Keep feedback forums as simple as possible so that audiences embrace them with open hearts,

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