“Stop Being A Victim” 10 Hard Truths Women Need to Hear From Men

Women sometimes don't want to hear the hard truth about things. Other times women don't seem to understand that men don't think like them and need more direction.

We asked men of Reddit what they thought were the top 10 things women need to know, even if they weren't ready to hear it.

1. It's Your Hair Clogging the Drain

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One user said, “It really is. How could she think it's mine when nowhere on my body have I got hair that's even half as long as the ones I pull out of the drain?”

Another user added, “It's also yours wrapped around the vacuum so thick the brushes on the roller don't touch the floor anymore. So we don't need a new vacuum. You must flip it upside down and cut all the hair out.”

2. You Look Fine, Seriously

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One user commented, “Every outfit she wears looks great, I really don't have strong feelings about which one if I'm being given a choice. They're all great. She looks great. Let's get going so we don't miss the opener.”

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3. Hanging Out With My Friends Is Healthy

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“Hanging out with my friends without her is healthy, and the same goes for her hanging out with her friends. It's good for your mental health.” suggested one man.

Another guy responded, “I like my time. I prefer to be alone on my days off now and then. Sometimes, I prefer not to talk when we're together because I don't have anything to say, and I want to wander in my thoughts.”

“Sometimes I just want to play video games with my friends alone, or want to go hang out with my brother and sister, or go see my mom by myself.”

4. Diamonds Are a Scam

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One guy said, “I wish we could all agree that price isn't important in marriage. There are much prettier gems that don't cost ridiculous prices. We can save that money for a wild trip across the world.”

“Makes sense, considering that financial issues greatly contribute to degrading a relationship. Starting your marriage with giant expense sounds like a bad idea. On top of that, the more expensive the wedding, the more stressful the planning itself probably is. Which can also do a lot to wear someone down,” stated another.

5. Love Yourself

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One guy said, “Sometimes my girlfriend will say something demeaning about herself. So I tell her to shut up because I don't like people saying bad things about my girlfriend, and she smiles. Helps break her out of negative mindsets with a lot of love and a dash of comedy.”

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6. Yes, You Did Put On Weight

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“Yes, you put on weight. But, no, I really don't care. You still look great to me. But, yes, you put on weight.” confessed one guy. Another guy responded, “I do think those pants make your butt look weird, but you already knew that because you looked at your butt in the mirror before you asked me.”

7. My Feelings and Emotions Are Just as Important

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One man described, “This was a serious problem with my ex, but I was never able to vocalize it well. It's exhausting to disagree with someone who thinks their feelings are more valid, so eventually, you just shut up about your feelings and do whatever they want.”

“It's hard to see how toxic this is because you feel like you're invalidating their feelings by expressing your own. I didn't want to invalidate them.”

8. Playing Hard To Get Is a Waste of Time

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One guy admitted, “I tried to date a girl I met at my cousin's wedding. We managed to go on one date, make phone calls, and text daily. This was over three months. Then, at some point, I just stopped texting back.”

“Next time I saw my cousin, she asked me what happened. The girl apparently said she had never met a man like me and was so disappointed when I stopped texting back. So what did she expect me to do?”

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9. We Really Do Think of Nothing

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“Men have a power-saving mode. Additionally, sometimes I was thinking about something so ludicrous that I don't think it's productive to share.” One man said.

Another man confessed, “I have a super active imagination, and I respect her time too much to explain why I'm thinking what I'm thinking, and it rarely has any real context to the situation, so I'm just sparing her from losing precious minutes of her life, with my nonsense.”

10. We Need To Know if You Want Us To Listen or Fix It

Couples discussing
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One man requested, “If you start talking about your problems, we need to know if you want us to listen or if you want advice. If something is wrong or broken, my first instinct is to try and help/fix it.”

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