10 Ways to Set Boundaries to Have a Healthier Life

Healthy boundaries are an essential part of life, and it is vital to avoid hitting rock bottom because of some mishap that occurs during life. Most people need to learn healthy boundaries and the power of saying no; let's learn some simple ways to help you have a clear vision about setting healthy boundaries.

1. Listen to Your Inner Voice

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Humans are programmed to have feelings and inner wisdom for a fair few reasons, one is that your conscience helps you understand what you want. If you ignore or do not observe that intuition, you usually do the opposite of what you feel. Your internal dialogue helps you decide when to say a clear yes or no. 

2. Know What to Prioritize

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Having your priorities straight helps you get along with life easier since you don't need to contemplate whether you should be doing something. Having a clear idea of your priorities lets you signify what is crucial and helps you give time to it without feeling selfish.

3. Politeness Is Key

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Most people, especially young folks, get it wrong that setting a boundary means saying a harsh No to someone's face or being rude. This will get you nowhere; in fact, it would take you to the losing side; being polite while saying No helps the other person understand your situation better.  

4. Do Not Just Make Friends but Supportive Friends

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Trying to make friends for the sake of not being alone leads to many setbacks. As it is said, it is better to be alone rather than have fake friends because most of the time, these people use you for their benefit and make you feel low and unwanted. Instead, it's best to surround yourself with people who are good at heart and are supportive.  

5. Don't Be Nice All the Time

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Being nice is good, but being nice to everyone will always make them feel good, but you will get overwhelmed or hurt. Only some deserve your time and care. You should know for some people, if you end up being nice more than twice, there is no going back, so you should practice declining politely sometimes when you are not in a situation of helping.

6. Explain Your Situation Firmly

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It is reasonable to refuse something and offer a brief explanation or even an alternative regarding the conditions, but be careful while presenting your excuse. Be firm and clear because you can leave room for negotiation, and things will not go smoothly or as planned. 

7. Take Small Steps and Keep It Simple

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While trying to get your life on track by protecting your space and mental health, it is advisable to take smaller baby steps rather than trying to fit everything you learn all at once. This will only make you feel burdened, and you will eventually drop the idea mid-process and try not just to go and announce what you like and dislike; instead, make them understand your situation according to right full time.

8. Know Your Personal Space

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One of the pivotal steps is understanding what personal space is and how much you are comfortable sharing it with people around you to avoid awkward interactions and uncomfortable situations. If they overstep your perimeter, try to correct them politely and stand firm with your decision so that you don't look like a dubious person. 

9. Stay Firm and Speak for Yourself

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Setting healthy boundaries and practicing them is not a piece of cake because some people would do anything to bring people down to uplift their self-esteem. It's better to avoid them, but you have to be clear and firm on your stance, and if they don't acknowledge and keep making you uncomfortable, it's best to leave the area and not interact again. 

10. Value Your Time

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Your time is a precious treasure you should value like any other worldly one and not keep sharing with others as if it means nothing. Have your commitments with yourself truthful, and don't just degrade them by overcommitting with someone, as overcommitting comes with sacrificing your obligations toward yourself.  

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