10 Bad Habits of Customers That Anger the Workers

Customers can interact with store workers every time they go shopping. These interactions are usually smooth and pleasant, but some customer habits can be annoying for the hardworking people behind the counter. This piece talks about ten common customer habits that may not seem like a big deal on their own but can make store workers very angry over time.

1. “It Doesn't Scan? Need To Be Free!”

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When said over and over, this joke that seems harmless can get annoying. Cashiers hear this joke a lot every day, and even though it's usually just a joke, it can get old. Errors in scanning are also not taken as seriously, which can lead to stocking problems if they are not fixed properly.

2. “Tried to Return an Item After the Return Period.”

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You need return policies to track your goods and ensure that all your shopping experiences are fair. It can be hard to keep track of goods and keep the store's books straight when someone tries to return an item outside of the specific return window. A lot of the time, retail workers have to choose between following the rules and making the customer happy.

3. “Can I Speak to the Manager?”

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In some cases, a manager really does need to step in, but using this phrase right away can make retail workers feel like their power is being challenged or undermined. Retail workers are taught how to deal with many different issues, and many of them can be solved without the help of a boss.

4. “Tried to Return an Item That You Clearly Damaged.”

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This habit can be annoying for store employees who must follow the store's return policy and ensure that the returned items are in good enough shape to sell. When customers try to return broken goods, it can lead to disagreements and, in some cases, talks that take a long time. If things can't be sold again because they're broken, it can also hurt the store's bottom line.

5. “Using Fitting Rooms as Trash Bins.”

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Customers should be able to try on clothes in private fitting rooms. People using them as trash cans means that store workers have to clean up after them, which is not fun. Not only does this take time away from helping other customers, but it also makes the job of the people who are supposed to keep the store clean harder.

6. “Asking for More Discounts at the Cash Register.”

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It makes sense to look for discounts, but some customers wait until they're almost done with their purchase to ask for even more discounts. This can make the cashier and the customer feel awkward, especially if the deal doesn't apply to the purchase. It can also slow down the checkout process.

7. “Back in My Day”

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Retail workers can have difficulty with customers who talk about the good old days. Comparing the past to the present can be interesting, but it can also come off as disrespectful to modern tools and ways of doing things, which may be needed for the store to run smoothly.

8. “Phone Calls at the Checkout”

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When people keep talking on their phones at the register, it can be annoying for those working there trying to get the deal done quickly. It can also cause confusion or mistakes because the customer might not be fully involved in buying.

9. “Abandoning Carts at the Front”

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People who don't finish their purchases and leave their carts or items at the front of the store instead of putting them back where they belong give store workers more work to do. It's rude, messes up the store's organization, and can cause things to get lost or broken.

10. “Ignoring Their Greeting”

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People who work in stores are usually taught to be friendly and open to customers. It can be frustrating for workers who are trying to make the store a nice place to shop when customers don't even acknowledge these greetings. A simple “thank you” or answer can make a big difference in how customers and store employees talk to each other.

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