“All Those Pills Are Killing You” 10 Addictions That Are ‘Normal’ But Are Harmful

Every community has its standards, stigma, and norms. We must notice that certain behaviors or activities normalize in society, but it doesn't mean they are healthy. Some things that are becoming common due to modern times are only sometimes excellent habits. Some may be very bad, but they have become common due to their rampant use in society.

1. Caffeine

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Nowadays, people are inclined towards coffee and caffeine. Mainly because it can help anyone to stay active. People who work and want to work for long hours consume a lot of caffeine. Due to this, they also get insomnia. Coffee consumption in balance is a good thing. When coffee consumption is excessive, it gives rise to many adverse effects. It can also bind the body to many diseases.

2. Smartphone and Technology

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As time has become modern, people do much work on their smartphones. Nowadays, a person who does not have a smartphone or technology is looked down upon in society. Technology and Smart The phone has become a necessity that cannot deny. Its most damaging effect is that it blurs the distinction between real and virtual life. First, people talk to and interact with each other in real life. They used to like to socialize. In modern times, people prefer to live in virtual life.

3. Alcohol

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Social drinking has become a common thing. Today, drinking alcohol in large gatherings has become a fashion. Society now does not consider alcohol consumption as bad as it used to be. Alcohol consumption is acceptable to a certain extent, but when a person starts drinking, he becomes addicted to it, which is also a problem for health.

4. Social Media

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The social media trend has spread very fast in society and is still spreading very fast. Different types of content and content on social media have other effects on each person's mind. Social media is a wrong thing. Many things in social media are unacceptable and hurt the human mind. But today, the social media trend is increasing and wholly accepted.

5. Shopping

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If we talk about some time ago, do shopping when something was needed. Now that the era has advanced, shopping is considered a therapy. This hobby is found among women. They are so used to shopping that they indulge in even useless things. It is a waste of money; if it goes too far, it becomes an addiction.

6. Junk Food

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Now that every person is in a hurry, he needs something to eat that is available. That's why the trend of junk food is increasing. Junk food is trendy. It is an unhealthy, high-fat, and high-sugar food. It is edible and can eat anywhere, but it also has many health issues if we discuss the future. It is very harmful to the body's internal organs.

7. Work

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Working is a good habit; continuous hard work makes a person successful. But prioritizing your work without thinking about your health and focusing only on work can also be very dangerous for your health. Working is a good habit, but when people start working more than they can, they ignore their health. When health is not taken care of, work is of no use.

8. Gambling

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Gambling is glamorized in entertainment and media, leading to psychological and financial crises. Those who gamble often have certain personality disorders, anxiety, and depression. Gambling addiction can lead to domestic abuse, homelessness, bankruptcy, suicide, and other devastating effects.

9. Prescribed Medication

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Overuse of prescribed medication can lead to addiction. Medicines should be used only during illness. When medicine becomes a regular thing for the body, it will not have much effect on the body. Thus, if a person develops a habit of treatment, that medicine becomes an addiction for him. His body and mind become addicted to the drug. That is why narcotics should never become habit-forming for a very long time.

10. Marijuana

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Have the audio-to-work drugs changed it's the same as acceptable things? The regular use of marijuana makes a person dependent on its large quantity of medications can affect brain cells. It becomes an addiction when a person cannot stop using the drug, even though it destroys their life in many ways.

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