12 Boomer Memories That Made Us Smile

Baby boomers refer to the generation born between the end of World War II and the 1960s. The baby boomer generation experienced most of the crucial events in the history of America. The memories they will remember now are part of rare history. They witness some of the historical and most significant incidents in the world. 

1. Moon Landing

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The moon landing is one of the iconic incidents in history. The memory was witnessed by the baby boomers in 1969. When Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon's surface, it changed space exploration forever. The people known as baby boomers are the witness to this historical moment. This is the most awe-inspiring moment.

2. Beatlemania

The Beatles
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The Beatles musical icon is also known today for its iconic music in the industry. They revolutionized the music industry and captured millions of people's hearts in 1960. There was a lot of craze for this musical band at that time. Baby boomers recall these catchy tunes from their screaming fans—the cultural impact on the British band.

3. Vinyl Records and Cassette Tape

Vinyl Records
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Before digital streaming, baby boomers experienced collecting vinyl records buying and playing them. They then enjoyed flipping through album covers and carefully selecting his favorite songs.

4. Drive-in Movies

Drive-in Movie
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Baby boomers experience the thrill when they go to the drive-in movie theatres. Where they enjoy the film in the comfort of their cars, this is a different experience that today's generation will never experience. Only the baby boomers remember and experience this and share this experience with their new era.

5. Home Computers

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Home computers were only experienced by children in the 1960s. When computers were used in homes, they were huge. They also took a long time to start up and not easier to use. Today, computers have completely changed. That has now reached the hands in the form of mobile phones.

6. Star Wars

Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Hayden Christiansen
Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Star Wars was the movie that was released in 1977. The craze for watching this movie was on everyone, old and young. Only Baby Boomers can tell what people's comments were about this movie then. Even this film can be seen, but what the condition of this film was at the time of its release can only be told by those who were there at that time.

7. Rotary Phones

Smiling business woman eating a cookie, taking a break from work.
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Before the era of smartphones, there was a time of rotary phones. Children of that time had a lot of obsessions to use this phone. There were no mobile phones then, so this phone was considered scarce. Children of that time used to dial this phone very digitally. So that they can talk to their loved ones, they wait very impatiently for this phone to connect to their loved ones, and they can speak to them.

8. Video Rental Stores

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Baby boomers remember the thrill when visiting rental stores for videos. The browsing shelves are filled with VHS tapes, and they carefully select movies for the night.

9. Typewriter

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In earlier times, there was no such thing as a computer or a keyboard. So, if a person wrote something digitally on paper, then a typewriter was used. Not everyone could operate the typewriter. A particular scale was required to handle the typewriter. Therefore, those who used the typewriter at that time were highly valued.

10. Saturday Morning Cartoons

Image Credit: Cartoon Network.

Nowadays, there are different types of cartoons for children on the internet and computers. Earlier cartoons for children were published on TV only on Saturday mornings. For the whole week, they would remain indecisive. So Saturday would come as soon as possible, and they could watch their favorite cartoons.

11. Handwritten Letters

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Nowadays, handwritten letters should be given more importance. This is because time has progressed, so if someone has to convey their message, they take the help of a statement or a call. If you talk about the 1960s, then if someone had to say something to a loved one, he used to write a letter to him and post it with his hand.

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12. Rubik's Cube

Hands twisting a Rubik's Cube.
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Baby boomers can remember the craze of the Rubik's Cube when they spend plenty of hours solving them, twisting, and turning the colorful block to solve the puzzle, and challenging their skills in solving a problem.

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