10 Gift Ideas That Actually Show You Care

Showing care and love to your loved ones is priceless. Gifting your family and friends is always a sign of care. The best way in this regard is to make it on your own. Even if it's minimal, it'll mean a lot for your family. 

1. Wooden Frame with a Memorable Picture 

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Simply collect some wooden pieces and make a shape where you can fit your favorite picture of your loved one. Take any of your favorite pictures from your happy moment or any other special day. If you are making this frame for your friend, you can put a picture of your old days. It's an easy-to-make and meaningful gift idea.

2. Make a Macramé

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Creating a gift by your hand is always memorable and special for your loved ones. An excellent idea that you can handcraft is macramé. A DIY gift option that looks gorgeous in the corner of the room and your family will love. Make a specific design according to the recipient's taste. You can add some mini crystals or beads in a certain pattern to make it more attractive.

3. Mini Pots 

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Decorate some nini pots for minimal plants. Buy some succulents or small flowering plants. Personalize these pots and make a collection for a mini garden. Keeping your loved one's favorite flowers or colors in view, paint these pots. Also, add some care instructions along with a mini garden to keep plants healthy.

4. Bead Necklace or Pendant

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A thoughtful gift idea that you can make from simple items at home. For instance, add some colorful beads, bohemians, or colorful patterns of beads into the necklace and make it a present for the recipient. Use the appropriate length and make it stylish. Your kind gesture, with a little effort, will surely be appreciated.

5. Glass Ornaments 

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Take some cute little glass that you can transform into ornaments. Paint these jars or decorate them in a way that you can add a personal touch. Buy some little Christmas ornaments that you can to make a whole set of different and beautiful glass ornaments. These can be easily hung with the Christmas tree, so share these as little yet pretty gifts with your friend.

6. DIY Totes 

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A practical and useful gift that your family will love using is the tote bag. To make simple and boring tote bags more stylish, use hand paints. Make it attractive, like with some quotes in a stylish font or hand painting. It'll become a thoughtful item that you can make easily at home and gift to others on any special day. They'll miss you while using this bag for shopping.

7. Decorative Signs 

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Making room walls more colorful always makes the place better. In any, thoughtful decorative signs are a lovely addition. Create a sign by using vibrant colors and meaningful quotes according to the special day of your loved one. Choose the sign according to the special day of your recipient and make it a little personalized.

8. Quote Pillows 

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If you know a little about sewing, you can easily make the quote pillows. A more thoughtful idea for this is hand printing. Add a zipper on one side of the pillow and print on the other. Choose a comfortable piece of cloth and sew some pillow covers according to the size. Make more than one so you can add a little more for the present, and use the heartfelt quote of the recipient every time he or she sees it.

9. Candles

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For the cozy nights of winter, scented candles are a must. Buy different waxes from the market and make unique candles. Choose their favorite colors and scents while buying. Use some cute molds to make the perfect shape of the candle. Also, you can add a little glitter to make it perfect for Christmas.

10. Cookbooks

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Putting effort into making a special present will always be memorable for your recipient. Your meaningful idea and effort to complete it will make it more special for your loved one. If your friend or family member has an interest in recipes for favorite dishes, a cookbook will be the perfect idea.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

Get access to my FREE guide now.