Money Doesn’t Go Very Far: 10 Things That Are No Longer Worth the Expense

The cost of living has been changing drastically in the last decade. Even wealthy people have started to reduce expenses on things that don't justify the costs. These things involved regular expenses of citizens. Some things people have reviewed online that aren't worth buying now are here.

1. Thrifting

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Once, people used to thrift a lot to get affordable yet quality products. But it's not the same now. A man shared that he bought a pair of shoes from the local thrift store, which cost him almost the original brand price. And thrifting is not affordable now. Even last year, thrift stores were his first go-to place for household items, shoes, clothes, accessories, etc. But he stopped buying from them as they are too costly now and difficult to afford.

2. Delivery Services

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Businesses and popular service providers used to provide delivery services, too. A man reviewed the local shipping services he had to get for shipping his package from another city. The charges for the shipping service were half of the item cost he bought. And in disappointment, he shared that shipping and delivery services are costly now. It's better to pick your food, parcels, or other items yourself.

3. Cereals

Man eating cereal
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It's true. Boxed cereals are way too expensive now. A woman reviewed that she has been following a diet plan that involves cereals in meals. Even for a few months, they weren't that costly. Now, she has decided to change her diet and add anything else she could afford.

4. Concerts

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Be it music concerts or any other festival of music. The tickets are way too expensive. A person said that he has decided to quit attending concerts. The reason he shared was legitimate, as he had to pay two hundred and fifty bucks to attend a live music concert. It doesn't end there; he had to buy for his wife too. So he spent a lot of money on a live music concert and regretted doing so.

5. Starbucks

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It used to be the treat after shopping to stop by Starbucks and get coffee for everyone. It's not that easy. A girl said she spent a lot of money on a simple latte from Starbucks for herself and her friends. Another said he has realized that Starbucks isn't worth spending money now.

6. Fast Food

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People have shared their experiences about the peaked prices of famous fast food restaurants. A man shared that he used to call fast food a cheap treat for his friends. Now, even a sandwich with typical flavors and ingredients costs a lot. So he stopped buying fast food and shifted towards more straightforward but tasty versions at home. He felt that fast food is out of his budget now.

7. Regular Haircuts

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Hair salons are go-to places while shopping or on weekends. However, some people have raised a point that they are getting out of budget as Hair salons have renewed their charges. Even if it's a small salon with a small number of customers, it is not cheap now.

8. Streaming Services

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Buying complete packages of services like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney is getting out of budget. A person who paid recently for streaming services shared that he won't repurchase it as it's too expensive. Even with the most basic offers, the cost isn't worth the benefits. He found that he must avoid getting these services as they break the bank.

9. Theatres

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Movie theatres are costly these days. Even if someone wants to see the most unpopular movies, people have to pay more. A woman said she paid sixty bucks to watch a movie with snacks in a local theatre. She was disappointed by the charges and has shown interest in watching movies at home or on Netflix as they are cheaper, comparatively.

10. Nails

Woman with beautiful nails
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Parlors and Salons have high charges these days. A woman said she had to pay sixty bucks to finish the nails. A few years ago, it wasn't that expensive when she used to get more Salon treatments weekly. Now, she and most of her friends no longer get nail Salon services. They prefer to do it at home by using natural remedies or other products.

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