End the Manipulation: 10 Ways to Handle Passive Aggressive People

You might have encountered a few people who talked so strangely that you couldn’t fathom how to handle them. They are passive-aggressive people. They speak with such toxicity that it always keeps you on the edge. These people might be hard to deal with. But it would be best to learn to handle them for your own sanity. Here are a few ways to handle such people.

1. Pay Attention to Their Behavior Pattern

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Everyone has different character traits. Passive aggressive behavior patterns are also different in each person. You need to learn about the pattern of behavior to handle the situation with people. Some people may give silent treatment, and some may become sarcastic. A few will play the victims and manipulate your emotions. Understanding the behavior pattern will help you deal the passive-aggressive people.

2. Stay Calm

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People often have a mirror personality. They get aggressive if someone shows them aggression. Such people become a victim of passive-aggressive people. They will use such people to take out their frustration and create scenes. You must learn to stay calm with such people. Use some deep breaths to calm yourself and think clearly before reacting. 

3. Express Yourself

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Sometimes passive aggressive people try to overwhelm you with their anger or sarcastic points. They do this to check whether you can be their victim or not. Express what you like and what you don’t like. If you clearly express yourself, it will give them no other chance to manipulate you. 

4. Draw Boundaries

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A vital lesson everyone needs to learn is how t draw clear boundaries. You must stay firm on your boundaries. Never cross them for anyone because it does not bring good results. By setting boundaries with your family, friends, class fellows and colleagues, you will never have to face a situation that can lead to disputes.

5. Ask For Personal Space

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One character trait of such people is that they attack you on your weak points. If they ever know what you fear or what your insecurities are. They will use them against you in arguments mainly because they want you to show your aggressive side. For such people, you must ask for your personal space. You can say that it’s not what you want to talk about. Your confidence will shut them off.

6. Don’t Let Them Play With You

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Passive-aggressive people often try to draw others into their drama. They want to play sarcasm games and test the patience limits of others. It is usually because they want a passive-aggressive response. You must not engage in their manipulative tactics. Stay calm and handle the conversation with a sane mind.

7. Disengage Toxic Communications

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Sometimes the conversation with the passive-aggressive person becomes toxic. It becomes toxic to the extent that it costs your mental peace. At such times, when you are trying hard to communicate. But the other person is so angry to understand your point. You must disengage from the conversation.

8. Be Open to Communication

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When people face a passive-aggressive person, they might completely shut them off. It is because they can not tolerate toxicity and sarcastic conversation. But you must realize that the other person wants to communicate. Shutting them off is not the solution. You must be open to communication. Calmly understand their points and handle the situation with compassion.

9. Ask About Their Issue Directly

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Psychologists say that many passive-aggressive people feel irritated and frustrated. They take out their frustration on the second person. But they are unaware of their issue, so they cannot resolve it, resulting in anger and frustration. In such cases, ask them what is eth matter which them. Ask them to think about what is disturbing them. It might work if that person is yelling because of some unknown cause.

10. Use the “I” Statement

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Using I statement means you are making sure you are being heard and understood. If you ever encounter a passive-aggressive person, you must take a stand for yourself. Instead of telling them they are wrong by saying, “You do this..”, tell them how you feel, saying: “I feel hurt by this behavior.”

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