10 Realities of Adulting We Can’t Escape

As a kid, you always want to grow up sooner and enjoy adulthood. But as you grow, you realize adulthood is a whole different thing than ever imagined. There are many fun things to do in adulthood. But it also contains some drastic parts that people hate it for. People mentioned things they hate the most about adulthood on an online platform.

1. Paying Bills

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As you grow older, the first thing you have to consider doing is paying your own bills. This is the most annoying and hateful thing about adulthood. Everyone agrees that paying the bills is the most essential and unavoidable thing everyone has to deal with. And then you will pray to god that please make things stop for a while.

2. Having To Eat Healthy

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Eating healthy is one thing that all adults need. Because it's essential for a healthy and longer life, you cannot expect your health to be on top while you eat all the junk food and a bunch of added chemicals. But the worst part about eating healthy is: No one is there to stop you from eating two pizzas and a tub of ice cream.

3. Responsibilities & Expectations

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With adulthood come the responsibilities and expectations in your life. Imagine you are living your best life. And suddenly, you are an adult and have huge responsibilities on your shoulders. You have to study, get a degree, do an excellent job to earn a handsome amount, and pay bills. And not to forget the responsibilities and expectations that come from the family and partners. All of this takes a lot of courage to deal with.

4. Finding Motivation

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When you are a kid, you are always full of zealous energy. You have the power to conquer the world. But as you grow, most of this energy is gone by adulthood. Finding the time, energy, and money to do those things you want to do becomes hard. Instead, you have to spend almost all your time making someone else money, doing unfulfilling and meaningless tedium. And you receive pennies that are almost entirely spent on just barely surviving.

5. Managing Money & Taxes

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Most people agree that managing their money and paying taxes is what they hate about adulthood. You are doing just fine and earning little money. You are always on the edge because everything is so expensive. You worry about your next pay every time. But as you receive it, you pay massive taxes on everything you buy. It seems so unfair that you'll even want to cry if you have minimal pay.

6. Planning & Making Food

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Food is never a priority when you are a kid. But it feels like a massive task as you become an adult. You have to make your food every time you want to eat. Not to mention that eating healthy food can only be homemade food. But deciding what to eat and planning food for the next day is the most difficult decision you must make every day in your adult life.

7. Job Applications & Interviews

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All of you will definitely agree on this point. Finding a suitable job that matches your aptitude and interests is the most challenging part of adulthood. You do not have the choice of not doing the job. You have to have a good job. For which, you keep on filling the job applications and giving interviews. People hate it, but they must do it for a living.

8. Being the Adult

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People have talked about this bizarre case scenario where they have to pretend to be an adult despite mentally feeling 15. A few people are tired of pretending to be the adult of their life while their mental age screams at them to enjoy life like a child. It makes adulthood the most hateful thing because you have to be mature when you really want to stroll around licking ice cream.

9. Waking up Early for Work Everyday

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A child always thinks that waking up early to go and attend school is the worst part. They believe the adults are happy because they can sleep till whenever they want. Wait until you grow up and find you have to wake up early to attend a job. And you can simply not afford to stop working or face homelessness. Then you will miss the feeling of safety that came with childhood.

10. Making Important Life Decisions

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There come many times in life when you have to make crucial decisions. An adult must decide what is good and not suitable for himself. And you will find it the most challenging part of life. You'll not have both parents around you all the time to help you decide on your life. You have to do it yourself. And whether it works or not, the pressure is all upon you alone.

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