Is Big Media Ethical: 10 Case Studies in Media Responsibility

Press Media plays a crucial role in our day-to-day life. It makes us aware of our surroundings, educates & informs us. Sometimes, it acts as the voice of the oppressed & sometimes the voice of democracy. Media can easily shape people's narratives, and it is, therefore, its responsibility to stay unbiased. Here are the top ten corporate social responsibilities of Media that are extracted from case studies:

1. Freedom of Speech & Information

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Freedom of speech & information is not only an individual's right but also Press Media's. They aren't present to give their opinions but rather to provide the opinions of the masses. It should provide diverse viewpoints for the audience to understand events from different perspectives. It needs to become the public's voice & broadcast their needs & social/national issues.

2. Counter Verify News

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Like Winston Churchill said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Media houses must verify and counter-verify news from their sources, or it may mislead the public. This can be made possible by talking to spokespersons, conducting thorough investigations & fact-checking information before reporting. It is done to ensure accuracy & build credibility in the industry.

3. Avoid Hatred or False Spreading

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News media is trained to be respectful & empathetic when reporting tragic events like loss of lives. Sometimes, the Media need to report low-key disgraceful events, i.e., Riots, to avoid protests and massacres to maintain peace. This is done to prevent public aggression that often arises with tensions in the country like protests & social issues. But, the media must spread news & tell the public the actual stats.

4. Security to Sources

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Breaking news can take months & years to form. It requires extensive research & a drive of curiosity to look for minute details for which the Press hires sources to get any new information quickly. These sources operate undercover in hazardous areas & are often seen assassinated for providing news to the press media. So, it is their responsibility to provide their sources with security & ensure their secrecy.

5. Invasion of Privacy

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Every person has a personal space that no one has the right to breach. Media shouldn't enter someone's private life to get juicy gossip to report & implement ethical journalism. It is unethical to spy on people to get spicy gossip news to attract eyeballs. Celebrities are public figures, but they also have a personal space that the Media must respect & continue to perform their jobs.

6. Reply & Correction

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We're humans, and it is human nature to err. If the media publishes any false news mistakenly, then it's their responsibility to step up & accept it. Reply to the general public and ensure the correction of mistakes. Since they are present to provide the opinions of the masses, they should be free to be held accountable for any wrongdoings. 

7. Confidentiality

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The Press cannot take any criminal's name or personal details from the media regulatory authority. It is because they cannot decide to defame any person or organization. Only law & order can determine the punishment of such a person. It can also impact the mental health of the family members.

8. Respectful to All Ethnicities

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Media is encouraged to integrate all ethnicities. Avoid shaping a narrative against any community or religion that could ruin national & social interests. With freedom of speech, it is the Media's responsibility to stay neutral. It is also against the law & regulations to run campaigns for ethnic cleansing and infuriating people against each other. They should promote equality & anti-discrimination.

9. Copyright

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Sometimes, the media violates ethical guidelines and broadcasts online creators' content without their permission & any credit is given. The role of the media is crucial to make people aware of what is happening in their surroundings. Instead of reporting content with just a Google search, they must ensure plagiarism-free content and embrace originality.

10. Endorsements & Promotions

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Business people often buy media channels & merge them into their conglomerate to make people hear what they want. This also provides free advertisement for their company's products, harming consumers' interests. Avoid directly endorsing any product or service. People should instead differentiate from people who promote ethical journalism through their work.

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