“Kids Are Terrible” 10 Unfair Things Men Can Get Away With But Not Women

Men and women alike have double standards. Here's a list of the top 10 reasons women are judged but men are not.

1. Not Wanting Children

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One man said, “My wife and I do not want children. She is judged more harshly than I am; however, I've heard my fair share of “oh, you'll change your mind” in my life. I think the major difference is that the topic of having children comes up far less with me than it does with her.”

Another man said, “I think men get judged, just a lot less since we don't own the factory. We produce a raw material necessary for the production process.”

2. Eating More Food at a Restaurant

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One user suggested, “They might get a few shocked eyes because people don't generally expect women to eat that much, but that's just shock and curiosity; not sure I would call it judgment.”

“I have to admit; I've held back finishing off my plate when I see my date is done eating before me.” Confessed one user, “but I usually go home and finish off the leftovers as soon as I walk in the door.”

3. Aging

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One user admitted, “I hate the idea that women aren't comfortable with aging. You're supposed to get older. That's the point. Please stop acting like you're not. I hate that my mom seems so concerned about convincing the world she's still 40. Embrace your 60s, please they can be lovely.”

4. Not Shaving

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“Everyone has hair, but women get judged more for having it because of society; it's stupid.” said one user. “We all have hair on our upper lip, and now that I'm older, I have a few chin hairs to pluck as well.”

5. Arguing

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One user stated, “I've seen times where the man is flying off the handle angry, but a not even raised voice retort from a woman, and she's called emotional.”

Another user agreed, “Yelling and being serious as well. When a man does it, we think, he must be really serious; better not mess with him. But, on the other hand, when a woman does it, she's just another emotional woman.”

6. Going Into a Bar Alone

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One woman explained, “Years ago, when I bought my house, I was doing a lot of work on it here and there. There was a small local bar with great burgers, and I would stop there from time to time to get one to go, play some bar-top video games and have a drink while waiting.”

“I think it was the third or fourth time I went in alone, ordered my lunch – The bartender came over to me and asked, “why do you come in here alone?” Guys at the bar had been chatting with her and looking at me beforehand. Like it wasn't OK for me to be there by myself.”

7. Not Wanting To Be Committed

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One user observed, “Not being in a relationship or wanting marriage. If a woman wants to be an old cat lady, it's because she's undesirable and no one wants her. On the other hand, if a man wants to be a lifelong bachelor and can pull women, he'll be applauded.”

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“A woman be crucified for daring not to want marriage and have relations with 20-something-year-old men. No one would believe she didn't want to settle down because she's a woman.”

8. Going for a Night Out Worry Free

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One user commented, “Girls always have to be on the lookout in case one or two of their girlfriends will get snatched or drugged while they turn away from each other. Sometimes that small time frame and relaxed environment are all it takes.”

9. Flatulence

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One man joked, “Farting, I need a woman that will fart with me, so I'm not the only one.” But a lady is supposed to be a lady, and it's not ladylike for a woman to let a little squeaker out. Another user said, “Couples that fart together stay together.”

10. Being Overweight

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“Women tend to be less “shallow” about looks as it is. So dating a man with a dad-bod is not unusual for them. But that same man won't date a woman with a few extra pounds because he expects her to be skinny and fit.”

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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