“Loser Alert” 10 Worst Red Flags Disguised As ‘Hobbies’

1. Monster Energy Drinks and Drywall Punching

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A hobby that is an immediate red flag is crushing monster energy drinks and punching drywall, says the first user. This combination of activities is often associated with a certain type of hyper-masculine and aggressive behavior. It can indicate a tendency towards destructive impulses and an inability to manage stress or frustration healthily. Additionally, excessive consumption of energy drinks can be harmful to one's health, further adding to the concerns around this hobby.

2. Cutting Out Eyes From Women's Pictures

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Another commenter admitted to having a strange and unsettling hobby that involves cutting the eyes out of pictures of women in magazines. This hobby is a major red flag and could indicate potential psychological issues. Disfiguring images of women in this way could suggest feelings of anger, resentment, or objectification towards women. It is a disturbing and concerning hobby that should not be ignored.

3. Criticizing Influencing Hobbies

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This individual is wary of people who have taken up the hobby of influencing. They explain that back in 1990, there were commercials on TV, and then infomercials came along. However, now it has become ridiculous that people are trying to influence others on social media and other platforms. It is a red flag for them when someone's hobby involves manipulating and convincing others.

4. Philosophy Obsession – Good or Bad

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Someone observed that someone who spends a lot of time reading philosophy could be excellent or evil depending on the stuff they are reading. If someone is reading works promoting critical thinking, reflection, and personal growth, it could be a positive sign. However, this might be a warning signal if the content focuses on harmful or radical views.

5. MLM and Facebook Admins

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Running a multi-level marketing scheme or being a local Facebook group administrator with a dictatorial style can be a weird hobby that raises red flags. They explained that MLMs often exploit and manipulate people, while Facebook group admins can let their power go to their heads and create toxic environments.

6. Spiritual Nonsense Red Flags

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A different voice raised its concerns about those who dive into peculiar spiritual rituals, like basking in the sun's embrace on their derrière. To them, it's a clear warning sign, and they would rather avoid associating with people with such outlandish pastimes.

7. Pageant Parenting Red Flags

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Another person warns about the potential red flags of people who force their children into activities such as pageants, cheerleading, or gymnastics. They believe that some individuals treat these activities like hobbies and become obsessed with them, which can be concerning.

8. Living Beyond One's Means

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Amidst the conversation, a striking observation emerged, as a curious soul revealed their unease when confronted with individuals passionately pursuing extravagant hobbies beyond their financial means. They cited the example of someone who makes a modest income but collects Rolex watches as a potential red flag. The commenter suggests that such a hobby could indicate the person has a poor financial judgment or is trying to overcompensate for something.

9. Digging for Dirt on People

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One astute commenter cautioned warned against the hobby of spending excessive amounts of time on one's phone looking up people to talk negatively about them or find dirt on them to boost one's own sense of self-worth. This behavior was deemed a red flag as it shows a lack of empathy and respect for others' privacy. Additionally, it can be a sign of insecurity and a need for validation from others.

10. Love Means Nothing in Tennis

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Playing tennis could be a red flag hobby, commented an individual. They explain that the phrase “love” in tennis means nothing to them and could indicate a lack of empathy or emotional connection. It may look like a joke, but the commenter suggests that someone who takes a sport too seriously to the point of losing sight of the fun or social aspects could be a warning sign.

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