10 Movie and TV Characters Who Seemed Nice But Were Actually Jerks

Are you ever watching a movie or TV show and thinking how nice a character is, only to realize later that they are actually a jerk? This happens often. Recently on an online platform, people have shared some characters from various movies and TV shows which seemed nice at first but revealed their true colors as the story progressed. Keep reading to see if any of your favorite characters made a list.

1. “The Parent Trap” Reveals Selfish Parents

In The Parent Trap movie, a commenter who pointed out their true nature shattered parents' facade of kindness. By agreeing to separate their twin daughters and raise them without knowing each other's existence, they demonstrate selfishness and disregard for their children's well-being.

2. Blu's Disappointing Character Arc in “Foster Home for Imaginary Friends”

While Blu appeared as a friendly and loyal friend in the pilot episode of Foster Home for Imaginary Friends, a commenter noticed his character's shift towards self-centeredness and annoyance as the show progressed. Unlike Walt and CoCo, who remained kind and supportive, Blu became an irritating troublemaker, much to the commenter's disappointment.

3. Alan Harper's Unlikable Transformation in “Two and a Half Men”

Alan Harper's initial portrayal as an unlucky but likable character in Two and a Half Men deceived a commenter, who later witnessed his descent into selfishness and manipulation. Alan's reliance on his brother for financial support and his lack of responsibility and work ethic disappointed many fans who had grown to love his original persona.

4. Scrappy Doo: The Symbol of Media Loathing

TVtropes now use Scrappy Doo's name to represent an element of media that is loathed by everyone, despite his creators' intent to make him a cute and endearing character. His catchphrase “puppy power” and obnoxious demeanor made him one of the most disliked figures in the Scooby-Doo franchise, despite his addition to boost ratings.

5. Brian Griffin's Downfall in “Family Guy”

Brian Griffin's portrayal as the level-headed and intellectual dog on Family Guy initially impressed a commenter, who was later disappointed by his transformation into a self-centered and egotistical jerk. As he prioritized his own desires over his family and friends, Brian lost his role as the voice of reason in the dysfunctional household.

6. Andy Bernard's True Jerk-Like Nature in “The Office”

Andy Bernard, a character from The Office, was once seen as a charmingly pretentious everyman, but a movies fan claims that he later revealed his true jerk-like nature. As the show progressed, Andy's true colors began to show, revealing a more self-absorbed and egotistical character than initially thought.

7. Patrick Star's Asshole Transformation in “SpongeBob SquarePants”

Patrick Star, SpongeBob's childlike neighbor and best friend, started out as a lovable but clueless character. However, as the series progressed, some viewers noticed that his behavior had become increasingly selfish and rude, leading them to believe that he had become an asshole.

8. “Emily in Paris”: The Terrible Person Behind the Cheerful Facade

Emily from Emily in Paris may have seemed cheery and positive at first, but according to one commenter, she was actually a terrible person in every way. Throughout the show, Emily is revealed to be manipulative, self-centered, and willing to throw others under the bus to advance her own career.

9. Jacob from “LOST”: The Arrogant Jerk

Jacob from LOST was once thought to be a well-intentioned character, but in reality, he was a jerk with an immense amount of arrogance and presumption, causing problems for the other characters on the show. His actions were often misguided and caused a lot of hardship for others, making him a despicable character.

10. Tom's Smarmy and Rude Persona in “Parks and Rec”

While the character of Tom from Parks and Rec was meant to be selfish and out of touch, one viewer found him to be too smarmy, pushy, arrogant, and rude, making him more of a jerk than a decent person. Despite the show's intentions, Tom's character fell flat and seemed more like a caricature than relatable.

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