“No, I Don’t Want Your Pyramid Scheme” 10 Times ‘Women Supporting Women’ Has Gone Right Out The Window

It's hard for women to talk to each other about things that bother them about each other. So we compiled a list of the top 10 things women want other women to know.

1. Stop Trying To Get Me To Join Your Multi-Level Marketing Scam

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One user explained, “The point of multi-level marketing isn't to sell products to customers, but to recruit more people into the scheme as your down-lines, who then get their inventory through you as their supplier for more than what you paid for it from the company.”

“Literally everyone is meant to be a supply middleman, not a salesperson; the entire business is like a pyramid of middlemen, with customers never even entering the equation.”

2. Writing To Convicted Killers

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“This makes me cringe from secondary shame. I am embarrassed to be a woman whenever I read an article about some killer who got lots of press because his crime was awful, who then gets tons of “fan mail” from strange women to his prison cell,” one user stated.

3. Stop Being Mean To Other Women

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One woman asked, “Stop Being mean to other women in the workplace. Even if we dislike someone, there is no excuse to go out of our way to be rude and nasty to someone. Someone else's shine does not dim yours.”

Another shared her experience, “I made friends at work and went out for dinner with them. But, unfortunately, they only wanted to gossip about whoever wasn't there. So I finally had to give up attending dinner with them and becoming a target. What a horrible place.”

4. Stop Over-Editing Your Pictures

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One user said, “Stop photoshopping your photos to oblivion, thus reinforcing the unrealistic beauty standards. You know skin texture exists. So why do you pretend it doesn't?”

“I work on an advisement team at a large public university. The number of women submitting an image for their official file or student identification with an airbrushed Snapchat filter with huge eyes or puppy ears disheartens me,” stated another user.

5. Stop Bringing Each Other Down

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“Watching a woman try to suck up to men by dissing all other women and telling the story about how she's different and better than them is just so enraging,” one user confessed.

“I like hockey and drink beer and know how to build a table, too. However, it doesn't add or subtract anything from my femaleness, so I'm not eager to bring it up as proof that I'm better than other women.”

“I know these women are just deeply insecure and seeking male approval. But, still, I wish they could do that without cutting other women down.”

6. Stop Asking When I'm Getting Married or Having Kids

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One user asked, “Why must you ask us when we're getting married or having kids? Not all women want to get married and have children, and it's a personal decision you don't need to be a part of.”

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7. Participating in Toxic Diet Culture

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“I am all for women trying to eat healthier or lose weight,” stated one user, “But I'm talking about the overwhelming number of women I know who go on these bizarre diets with fasts and cleanses, and they don't eat carrots, or they count every calorie. It becomes all they want to talk about and their entire personality.”

8. Faking Friendships

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One user said, “If I don't like you, I won't pretend to like you. Not going to be rude or anything. I'll still be cordial. But I've had women rush up to me with all smiles and hugs, saying, I'm so glad you're here! And then find out later that they really don't like me at all.”

9. Stop Posting Cheesy Phrases

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One user said, “Stop constantly saying or posting “If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best.” People shouldn't have to endure you mistreating them to earn you treating them nicely. If you need to be “handled” at your worst, you have some self-work to do.”

10. Faking Interest in Hobbies To Impress a Guy

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“You have your hobbies and things you enjoy. Stop trying to fake interest in something the guy you like has an interest in it.” says one user. “You don't need to like everything your partner does, and you lose yourself when you try to become someone you're not.”

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