No One Cares: 10 Truths That Are Hard to Accept

Some understood things do not need explanations and elaborations. But some people still struggle to accept a few things. Here are a few things that make people ambiguous to accept them.

1. No One Cares

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This is a fact that nobody cares about anyone. Everyone is selfish in this world. People behave well until they have their means. Relatives are beloved until one is struggling, but a time reaches when everyone shows their real faces. And it is hard for human beings to believe this fact.

2. Earn Yourself

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No matter how much the parents love their kids. And how much kids love their parents. But no one is ready to feed another for their whole life. Everyone has to earn his bread on his own. Because everyone has their responsibilities and dreams, and when this reality is exposed, it hurts, yet it is a reality.

3. Vaccines Are Safe or Not

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Vaccines are a big topic under discussion by many people. Especially when COVID-19 attacks, this topic gain more attraction. Some people argue that these vaccines are not safe. And this substance will show results after 20 to 30 years. And some argue that medically they are declared safe. But the fact is vaccines are safe, and some people do not want to accept them.

4. Climate Change Is Real or Not

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Climate change is becoming a global security issue. It has become a burning question of the current era. The increasing global temperature, change in seasonal patterns, and destroyed crops prove this fact. But still, some people question its existence. Such people need to broaden their research and study.

5. AI Can Challenge the Job Market

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Artificial intelligence provides very efficient tools. And these tools can perform many manual tasks, such as typing, data entry, suggestions, and content writing. It will make a lot of people lose their jobs. But some people argue that this is not possible. Such people have to wait only a few years, and they will see how AI replaces the human job market.

6. Gender Equality 

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After many struggles and movements by organizations and NGOs, gender equality is making its existence possible. In many places, there are laws for no gender discrimination. University admissions, payment scales and packages, and equality in public places are observed. But still, some people argue that there is no gender equality. On this matter, they have to perform a survey and grab the current information.

7. Money Is Everything

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Money can not buy happiness. This phrase was common in the past. But now this phrase has been changed to the phrase’ money is everything.’ But some people are stuck with the former phrase. They struggle to accept that a man can not survive without money. But the hardships of life and struggles teach that money is everything.

8. Change Starts From One Person

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This is a very important and common statement that some people are not ready to accept it. People claim that changes are made on the national and international levels. Changing one person does not matter. But the fact is that change starts with one person. And in this way, it shifts at the national and international levels.

9. The Merit System Exist

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Corruption, bribe, and recommendations are so common in every sector. Career-making and availing of any facility is the first source in the educational system. People do not believe in the merit system. But the reality is opposite to this. Along with these heinous acts, a merit system also exist. A few people get success on a merit basis.

10. Self Medication Can Be Fatal

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People think that they know their disease very well. And they can cure this without consulting any doctor. They take medicine because their relative was given the same symptoms. When they are told that self-medication can be fatal, they do not accept this statement.

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