“OK Boomer – That ‘Food’ Isn’t Edible” 15 Boomer Foods That Shouldn’t Make A Potluck Appearance

Food is one of the most common things among all human beings. It also has seen evolution and change over the source of time. People's priorities regarding food have changed with time. But the boomer generation is one of those still sticking to the food they ate in their times. Tody's generation even considers it gross, but they love to eat it. Here are a few exemplary foods boomers eat which are not liked anymore:

1. Egg Salad

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This one is the most disliked dish by today's generation. Egg salad is made up of hard-boiled eggs mashed and mixed into mayonnaise. It gets a slimy texture when it is ready. Boomers like it so much, but Millennials and Gen Z prefer to eat an omelet or scrambled eggs instead of an egg salad.

2. Vienna Sausage

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It was one of the most common foods during the teenage and adulthood of boomers. They love to eat Vienna sausage. It's a canned food that contains beef or pork sausages. Other generations consider it a gross food as it is eaten cold. You may open its can and eat it directly. But it has such a strong smell that it can make anyone feel nauseous.

3. Frozen Dinners

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If you ask today's generation about frozen food, most will say they hate it. Boomers had eth guts to like and enjoy the frozen dinners. Frozen meals are terrible for your health as they contain many preservatives and additives. It is even evident that you are not eating something fresh at all.

4. Bran Cereal

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Cereals are usually eaten at breakfast. They have been a pretty popular food for a long time. For boomers, bran cereal was one of their favorite breakfasts. Containing fiber, vitamins, and minerals, bran cereal is made up of wheat. It's healthy and nutritious but has lost popularity among the current generation due to its taste.

5. Spaghettios

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Spaghetti is a canned food that has pasta in it. Being a canned food makes it one major cause why Millennials cancel it. Preservatives, additive salts, and sugar make the food lose all its healthy nutrition. So, it can be a favorite food for boomers, but this generation likes freshly made pasta.

6. Grits

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It is a savory dish that is served with cheese or butter. It's a traditional dish of coarsely ground corn that you can enjoy with spices on top. This one is more of a Southern word that is not much common. Maybe it's the taste of the dish that makes it less popular among the current generation.

7. Sardines

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Sardines is another canned food that has small and oily fish in it. If you open the can, its smell will immediately turn you off. It has no appeal or flavor that you can get from fresh fish. Trying it will tell you its horrible smell is the primary cause of many disliking this dish.

8. Desserts Made With Canned Fruit

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Have you ever tried a dessert that is made up of canned fruits? If you have done the task, you know it tastes horribly wrong. It makes you question who likes to eat desserts with canned fruits. Fresh ones have eth taste no other desserts can give.

9. Bologna Sandwich

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For those who don't know what a Bologna sandwich is, it's a sandwich with highly processed meat. It could be made of beef or pork with high sodium and fats. It's about the texture of the meat that is so soft and slimy that it turns off the eaters. Besides, it's not as healthy as other meats.

10. Creamed Corn

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Can you eat corn with a creamy texture? The majority of people will say they cannot eat anything as such. Boomers loved this dish made of corn and sweet cream or butter. It is the texture and also the sweetness of the creamy corm that people don't like to eat it. Maybe the combination does not align with the taste of this generation.

11. Chicken Pot Pie

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This dish is also one of the most disliked dishes today that boomers used to love. It's the nutritional value of the food that makes people dislike it. It contains canned soup that no one wants to have. Plus, the crust for this dish also includes a lot of additives and preservatives. It becomes a big no for the current generation for its ingredients. 

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12. Meatloaf

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A meatloaf is a big chunk of meat that may contain ketchup and eggs to keep it in shape. Today, literally no one likes the taste of a meatloaf due to its taste. It has no flavor other than generic meat. 

13. Spam

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Spam is one of those foods that was made to preserve since the beginning. It contains a lot of additives, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Eating it in an emergency, like it was eaten in World War II, is one thing. But using it as a daily convenience food is a big no.

14. Miracle Whip

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Miracle Whip is a sauce that tastes like mayonnaise and has an inexpensive salad topping. It is an American food that most boomers fall for. But Millennials and Gen Z have nothing to do with it. For them, it's nothing more than mayonnaise.

15. Tuna Casserole

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Boomers consider this dish one of the classics that they used to eat in their time. It's a canned food with tuna and cream of mushroom soup. The dish is topped with breadcrumbs or crushed potato chips. Boomers may find its taste the most attractive, but the current generation doesn't see it as alluring as them.

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