Another Rent Increase? 10 Items With Outrageous Price Hikes

There has been a significant hike in the prices of commodities, especially after the Covid pandemic. Economies are suffering all around. This rise is undoubtedly compromising the quality of the products. There is a long list of such products, but a few of them are given below:

1. Rent

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Rented home is one of the popular sources of getting safe shelters. But there has been a hike in the rent of the houses in many regions. As mentioned by an individual, rents are constantly climbing while wages are stable. Moreover, the quality of the rented homes is suffering a lot. Often, maintenance is a headache for renters and landlords, but still, quality is suffering.

2. Health Care

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Considered one of the needs of humanity, it has been observed that there has been some compromise on its quality. Another point discussed by a user is that healthcare services are getting worse while more expensive, but technology and treatments are constantly improving. Many hospitals face terrible situations by underpaying their staff, which is one of the primary reasons why there is no quality health care anymore.

3. Education

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“Education is the key to success” is a famous quote that is quoted occasionally. But this “key” is becoming expensive day by day. As added by another user, the fees of colleges and universities have doubled 4x within seven years. Moreover, there needs to be more resources in the educational institutes, which impedes an interactive learning experience.

4. Cable Television

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One of the famous and favorite sources of recreational activities, cable television, got an unexpected strike from this inflationary trend. As quoted by one of the users, this cheap source showed entertaining and informative serials, for which we used to wait for the whole week. But now, there are more commercials, channels upon channels of nonsense, with a ridiculous increase in monthly bills. No quality with skyrocketed prices.

5. Restaurant Servings

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A hub that serves diverse cuisine, restaurants cater to different tastes and moods. However, a downfall in their preferences is being noticed by many people. One of the food lovers mentioned that their servings are now small, low quality, with insane prices. They focus on adding more dishes to their menu, but the quality is suffering, and prices are shooting. That's why many of the food lovers are quitting restaurant dining.

6. Housing

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Owning a shelter is a dream of every person. But this dream is looking to be a “Hard reach” as the prices of buying a house are rising across the globe. Highlighted by a user that the prices of homes are growing with a mere wage increase. It's becoming tough to run the cycle of living, and owning a home seems like an unreachable dream. Moreover, the quality being used in the construction of houses is so bad that a strong wind might knock them down.

7. Newspapers

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One of the vital sources of information, newspapers lack quality and high prices too. Although there is a decreasing trend in reading the newspaper, it is still used as a source to confirm many floating news. Brought to the table by a newspaper reader, most newspapers are adding 50% advertisements and 50% information with 25% bias at a 100% increase in their prices. Such a ratio composition is hitting hard to its status and importance in our daily lives.

8. Insurances

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A safety net from the unexpected events of the future, there have been drastic changes in insurance policies across countries and states. A commenter further demonstrated the point by pointing out the fact that every state and country has insurance policies. The dramatic differences in their costs and the recent price hike with the reduction in their coverage are ridiculous, upon which there is a profound silence. 

9. Appliances

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Daily life gadgets have witnessed a massive revolution in the past years. Technology has strengthened its role. But still, obsolesce among them is often. One of the users raises the point by saying that his recent gadgets have obsoleted in no time while his 30-year-old gadgets are still in his use. The new devices are doubled in price with a promise of rapid obsolescence. 

10. Aerial Commute

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Considered a hassle-free commute, many individuals opt for aerial travel due to its advantages. However, many travelers are worried because of increases in the prices of this commute. As emphasized by a traveler, the prices of airplane tickets are rising with the compromise on the servings and services by the crew. The planes are scrapped, but the administration of the airlines gives 0 concentration. Moreover, the “overweight” policy is merely a “tactic to earn more.” The recent increase in the overweight limit has faced much backlash.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

Get access to my FREE guide now.