“She’s Really Not Funny” 12 Comedians Many People Simply Don’t Laugh At

Comedians are courageous individuals who enter the public eye with the exclusive goal of making people laugh. Only some jokes will go over well, but they will lose their audience if they consistently fail to amuse. Not all of their jokes are humorous, though. Here are the most popular responses to the least hilarious comedians online.

1. Carrot Top

The Strip Live Scott 'Carrot Top' Thompson
Photo Credit: VIPNET Media LLC.

The redheaded stepchild of the stand-up comedy world has always been Scott Thompson. He is better known by his stage name Carrot Top. Carrot Top used his passion for props in his comedy plays at one of these performances. He also played parts in films. The 4th Awakens is one of his best acts. But people say that his comedy isn't funny. 

2. Bert Kreischer

Conan - Bret Kreischer
Photo Credit: Conaco.

Bert needs to catch up with his core audience, he's aging, and it could be doing any better for his comedy. I'm a big fan that loves two bears, one Cave with Tom, and I love seeing Bert as a podcast guest, but his stand-up routine is not relatable to his core audience. He sadly missed the target. 

3. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

The internet has a woke hatred for Ellen DeGeneres. She was funny, a good person, and all that stuff. But when all those stories of her treating her staff like crap, there was that massive rush of people who finally revealed what she was really like that. People think about how much of a jerk she is. It isn't delightful.

4. Kathy Griffin

Conan - Kathy Griffin
Photo Credit: Conaco.

Numerous forum users claim Kathy Griffin is not funny. But a few people say she's hot. However, many others vividly recall her Seinfeld character, Sally Weaver. She should leave stand-ups immediately. Her sense of politics is good. But her comedy is terrible. 

5. Joe Rogan

This Is Not Happening Joe Rogan
Photo Credit: Jesse Grant and Yo Guys Productions.

Joe Rogan is famous for his brief podcast. On News Radio, the former Fear Factor host made people laugh aloud. But people didn't enjoy his stand-up, though. Many continue to say that his stand-up routines are unfunny. He is one of those comedians who believe that vulgarity can replace wit. Not Rogan, though certain blue-collar comedians can be great. 

6. Chevy Chase

A Christmas in Vermont Chevy Chase
Photo Credit: ION Television.

He has always been a massive addict and incredibly arrogant. He lacks humor and presents himself as a leading sex icon. Many actors are funnier and have superior comedic timing, but they aren't considered comic performers. He believed himself to be some hot playboy who also happened to perform comedy. Many claim that he is tough to deal with and has made certain mistakes that are racist. He is also homophobic and violent. 

7. Jimmy Fallon

Taxi Jimmy Fallon
Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Jimmy Fallon isn't funny. I find him bland and even highly uncomfortable. It's like he tries too hard but comes off as fake. His conversations with guests feel very unnatural. You feel like he's only talking to the guest because he has to and not to make the show more interesting. He is also very unfunny. His Golden Globe hosting was brutal. His jokes are just bland and unfunny. You can tell he isn't a pro regarding natural comedy. 

8. Steve Harvey

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Although Steve Harvey puts in a lot of effort, he lacks humor. He has two humor styles. First, he applies the Bill Cosby technique of pausing for a long time after someone speaks before looking at them blankly. He then recounts what they said more slowly and in detail. His other comedic approach consists of delivering unambiguous truths in an arrogant and drawn-out manner. It entails making males look foolish to appeal to women. Steve works hard and gets all of his jobs. But people don't find him amusing. 

9. Tom Green

Road Trip Tom Green
Photo Credit: DreamWorks Pictures.

Although many have found some of his stuff funny, Tom Green is not funny, but in a dumb way. His brand of absurdism, anti-humor, and shock humor can seem forced and annoying. His Freddy Got Fingered film is a topic of the worse movies ever made. 

10. Amy Schumer

Last F... Able Day Amy Schumer
Photo Credit: MTV Entertainment Studios.

Amy Schumer probably received the most remarks for not being humorous out of the many thousand comments. Many users think that her humor is vulgar and obvious. She does not have any skills.

11. Bob Hope

I'll Take Sweden Bob Hope, Tuesday Weld
Photo Credit: United Artists.

It is a significant flaw, even a slip, in a comedian to be paralyzingly, excruciatingly, hopelessly unfunny. And the late Bob Hope spent his extraordinarily prosperous and well-paid lifetime proving that a genuinely unfunny man can succeed as a comic. However, the joke is on us in this situation. 

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12. Russell Brand

St. Trinian's Russell Brand
Photo Credit: Entertainment Film Distributors.

In people's view, Russell Brand is not a funny man. His jokes are childish and boring. He revels in the kind of scatological humor which winds up most ‘right-thinking' people. He attributes a great deal of his success in beating his drug addiction to transcendental mindfulness. But people don't find his humor suitable.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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