10 Items with Expiration Dates That Feel Like Suggestions

These days, food waste is a growing concern. One of the prominent reasons behind it is the unnecessary waste of edibles due to the expiration date mentioned on labels. You can use certain food items after their expiry date; it doesn't negatively affect your health. It helps to prevent edible food waste and also saves you money. Let us see some of these food items.

1. Vinegar

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Due to its acidic nature, vinegar does not expire. The high acidity of vinegar helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi that spoils food item. Its flavor and quality may change slightly, but it didn't harm you. You can take vinegar as long as you want after its expiration date.

2. White Rice

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It is usually safe to use white rice if you store them properly. White rice is dry and self-stable food. If you store them at a cool temperature, in a dry place, and keep them sealed container, you can consume them for 25-30 years and more. Because bacteria can't grow under these conditions, that helps keep them fresh. It will be safe to use after the expiry date mentioned on the rice.

3. Vanilla Extract

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Pure vanilla is manufactured by steeping vanilla beans in alcohol. There is 35- 40% alcohol content that helps stop bacteria growth. It can stay fresh for a longer time. It also contains antioxidants that can slow the degradation process. In addition, its high-intensity flavor also serves to mask the effect of a few changes that occur over time. All these feature vanilla extract's long shelf-life. One can even use it after the expiry date.

4. Instant Coffee      

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It contains low water content and antioxidants that give it a long shelf-life. Antioxidants usually slow the oxidation process, which helps to slower the degradation process. That is why one can use it for a longer time.

5. Honey

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One can use honey even after its expiration date. It will stay safe for a long time if you keep it in an airtight container. The main reason for it is its composition. It contains less water content. It has about 20% water content which helps to increase its lifetime. Pure honey contains mainly sugar that helps to give a hypertonic environment that helps to draw out water. This process helps to stop the growth of bacteria, and one can keep it after the expiration date.

6. Pure Salt

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Salt without an additive like iodine can be used longer, even after expiration. It can draw out water, creating an unfavorable bacterial growth environment. So, one can keep salt as long as possible. Due to its dehydrating effect, salt preserves other food items.

7. Dry Pasta

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One can eat dry pasta after its expiry date if stored in a dry place. Because of its low water content, it has a long shelf life. Microorganisms need moisture along with nutrition to grow well so that they can become able to multiply. But in a dry environment, it is not impossible for them to even survive resultantly die. Like in the case of dry pasta th, they can't grow and resultantly die resultant pasta remains safe. 

8. Corn Starch

Corn Starch
PhotoCredit: Kalaya – Own Work, CC BY-SA 3.0/Wiki commons.

It is another food item that never expires if you keep it properly. There are low chances for spoilage due to dry nature. It has low water contents that make it difficult for bacteria to grow. It also doesn't have fat and oils that become rancid and give an unpleasant smell.

9. Sugar

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One can use sugar for a long time as it has no expiry date because sugar doesn't get spoiled. There are many reasons behind it. Firstly it has a crystalline structure, making it difficult for bacteria to enter. Secondly, sugar has low water activity. It usually draws out water that inhabits the growth bacteria. So due to this feature, sugar doesn't spoil quickly and stays safe.

10. Hot Sauce

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Due to its composition, it has a long shelf-life. It is acidic that prevents bacterial growth. In addition, it has low water content. It also contains garlic, pepper, and onion, which have antimicrobial properties. Along with this, it has an amount of salt that is a preservative. Due to these reasons, you can use it for a long time.

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