10 Random Useless Things We Were Forced To Memorize When Younger

The human brain is like a clear marble vulnerable to any knowledge incorporated into it. However, being human at times with our own will and sometimes forced by the system, we remember useless gears and stuff that have no practical application in our daily lives. That's how we memorize useless knowledge. 

1. Backward Alphabets

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People memorize the alphabet in reverse order because they perceive that learning the backward alphabet rather than in conventional order will establish their credibility.

A respondent accepted that during his childhood, he believed memorizing the reverse order alphabet could save him from corps if he was found drunk while driving. Later, he discovered that this knowledge was ridiculous.

2. Biology of Mitochondria

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Mitochondria, the powerhouse of a cell, produces an enzyme called ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is helpful in respiration.

One of the commenters documented that she never understood the purpose of making grade 4 students memorize the biology of mitochondria because it had never happened even once in her life that she had to do something with mitochondria and their structure.

3. 50 Nifty US States

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50 Nifty US States was a state capital song that students in American schools were made to memorize in alphabetical order. 

Somebody denotes that she still remembers how her grandma made her learn this, but she found no use in any stage of her life except for testing her memory.

4. Periodic Table

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A periodic table contains elements with symbols and atomic numbers assigned and grouped based on their properties. The periodic table is used in physics and chemistry.  

According to a respondent, memorizing the periodic table was the most useless knowledge he ever gained. He admitted not implementing the periodic table in his daily life. 

5. Music Theory

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In the past, students at school were made to learn the lyrics of poems included in the curriculum and then make presentations.

A contributor mentioned how scary it was for her to sing those songs in front of an entire class, and if they fail to recite, they have to face humiliation. Memorization of lyrics was entirely useless.

6. The Quadratic Equation

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Quadratic is a word derived from the Latin language, which means 2. A quadratic equation is a mathematical term used in algebra to find values of variables. Memorizing quadratic equations and algebraic formulas was an impractical approach.

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Someone elaborated that using quadratic equations for real-life accounting and financial calculations had never been witnessed, so it needed more useful knowledge.

7. Speed of Light

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The speed of light in a vacuum is 186,282.42 miles/second. This speed was one of the figures that students used to memorize, which they now consider useless.

However, on a lighter note, one of the individuals expressed that he never knew why he was forced to remember this, though he never imagined his car reaching this speed.

8. Ancient Play's Dialogues

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In ancient times, people used to cram the dialogues of famous dramas, novels, and plays. They used to take pride in grasping those long stanzas and spent a lot of time and energy doing that.

One of the respondents added that she still remembers those lengthy dialogues, which were useless knowledge and a burden on the brain.

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9. Phone Numbers

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The telephone was the fastest means of communication in the 70's and 80's. However, using landline numbers has become less due to smartphones and communication apps. 

According to a commenter, she still remembers her parent's landline number, which has not been used for the last 20 years. Some piece of knowledge is of no use anymore, but they remain in our memory.

10. Imperial System Formulas

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The imperial system was a measuring system used for different quantities like area and mass using formulas. The students of high school have to grasp all those formulas and conversions. 

Somebody elaborated that for calculating yards in a mile, they first need to know feet in a mile and then make the conversion, which was only knowledge used in an academic class. 

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