These 10 States Have the Worst Healthcare for Seniors

Some states fail to provide special facilities to senior citizens, such as healthcare facilities. Some states are mentioned by people on the internet with the worst healthcare.

1. Kansas

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The rank of Kansas dropped in every new report on healthcare for old people. The head of medical services in Kansas says that they face basic problem-solving issues in old age people. That includes smoking issues, being physically inactive, and seasonal flu shots. The retirees of Kansas wait for government attention on them so that they can get all facilities in their state.

2. Delaware

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Delaware has planning to upgrade its retirees' health policies by 2040. But currently, the facilities are not satisfactory. Delaware is the 6th state with the high highest number of old people. Out of the total population, 40% are old people. Depression, neck pain, heart loss, eyesight problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and heart attacks are common diseases in Delaware retirees. But the services and programs of this state are not much dedicated to these people.

3. South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina
South Carolina

The state of South Carolina consists of 5 million people. Out of that, 1.1 million people are old. The research made by the Population Reference Bureau stated that 10% of the total senior citizens of South Carolina are unable to get care in hospitals. These citizens are non-working people. This state is financially unstable, which is why people do not have savings. Their allowance is minimum, so they can not afford basic Medicare.

4. Alabama

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Alabama ranked 44th number in the list of states that have the worst healthcare for retirees. Alabama spends a small amount on healthcare facilities for old people. Chronic disease from long-term use of cigarettes and drug use is prominent among senior citizens of Alabama. This further creates poor mental health for old people. There are no standard policies for the recovery of people this age. That is why this state is not favorable for retirees.

5. North Carolina

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Two third death in North Carolina is caused by chronic diseases. Heart attacks, strokes, and chronic lung disease are the main health issues in senior citizens. There are no proper health insurance plans for old people. Thus this state is not too much worthy for the health of old people.

6. West Virginia

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Approximately 12.7% of people are between the age of 65 to 75 age. The health facilities for these poor are in the worst condition in this state. The main issues found in this age people are heart attack, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory diseases. For more serious conditions, they have to move towards other states.

7. Louisiana

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The health facilities are poor, and health insurance is expensive in Louisiana. The American Health Ranking 2022 Annual Report ranked this state at 47th number. The old people in Louisiana are the victims of obesity. And there are no awareness seminars or packages. Smoking is another element that is of great concern in health issues.

8. Mississippi

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In Mississippi, old age people, minorities, and people with low income face poor health care. American Health Ranking 2022 Annual Report ranks Mississippi on 49th rank. It means it is among the three worst senior citizen healthcare states. Approximately 17.3% of the total population are old people. There are no advanced technology, mental healthcare centers and schemes, or policies for old in Mississippi.

9. Georgia

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Recent studies have shown that Georgia ranked as the 50th state in terms of healthcare facilities for old people. It beat only one state, which is Oklahoma. Approximately 15.9% of retirees do not have access to proper health even. The hospitals in rural areas are struggling to keep their doors open for patients. But this is impossible without medicines and necessary equipment.

10. Oklahoma

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A resource of insurance coverage named Medicare Guide performed a survey. In this survey, the 50 states of the United States were compared to get the best and worst states in terms of health care to retirees. The Minnesota state remained at first rank. And Oklahoma ranked the last 51st state. There are poor insurance policies. Every one out of seven people is uninsured there.

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