10 Fast Food Items To Avoid Ordering, According to Workers

Fast food workers have insider knowledge about the food preparation and handling practices in their restaurants. They know which items are fresh and microwaved and which ones to avoid altogether. Recently on an online platform, different fast food workers revealed the items that you should stop ordering immediately to ensure your health and satisfaction.

1. Nachos

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A concession stands worker striving to raise funds for her son's school excursion shared a harrowing experience she had with the nacho cheese dispenser during high school football games. The stadium supervisor had demonstrated how to use the machine, instructing them to add more cheese when it ran low. However, he divulged a clandestine technique: refilling the machine using a bag, which they were supposed to cut a corner off and squeeze. Following that night, the worker never partook of nachos again.

2. Coffee Bean Drinks

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A former Krispy Kreme employee, who had toiled there for two years, attested to the freshness of their doughnuts, delivered twice a day. However, the situation was entirely different when it came to Coffee Bean beverages. They cautioned customers against ordering them, as the ice chest was rarely cleaned.

3. Hot Dogs

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A movie theater employee shared insider knowledge about items to avoid. Firstly, they advised against indulging in hot dogs, as they were left to languish for extended periods. Additionally, they cautioned customers to refrain from using the butter pumps, as the “butter” was typically retrieved and stored back in jugs for the next day. Lastly, they advised customers to give the pickles a miss.

4. Crispy Chicken Sandwiches

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In the words of a Culver's worker, there might be better options than the crispy chicken sandwich if you're looking for a fresh meal. The worker disclosed that these sandwiches could take up to 30 minutes to prepare, which can significantly impact the overall freshness of the meal. Furthermore, they urged customers to avoid ordering gluten-free buns unless they have an allergy since it poses a challenge for workers to acquire new condiments just for that order.

5. Soda

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According to another former worker at a local coffee and donut shop, soda should be avoided at all costs. The employee claims that the machines are rarely cleaned, and the state of the machines was incredibly unhygienic when they cleaned them. They asked their colleagues if anyone knew how to clean the machines. Therefore, for those who value cleanliness and hygiene, it might be best to steer clear of soda at this establishment.

6. Shrimp Entrees

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A Panda Express employee blew the whistle on a sneaky trick used by the restaurant to deceive its customers. As per the employee, the shrimp entrees might look appetizing, but don't let the illusion fool you. Panda Express employs a smaller serving spoon to make it appear like you're getting more shrimp, while in reality, the policy is to serve no more than six per order.

7. Bread Twists

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A former employee has some advice if you're looking for a more cost-effective option at Dominos. They recommend avoiding the bread twists and going for the Parmesan bread bites instead. According to the worker, despite the higher price tag, the bread twists contain less dough than the cheaper bread bites. While the worker didn't report unsanitary practices, they suggested this money-saving tip for those who want to order from the popular pizza chain.

8. Shakes/ Ice Cream

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In a startling revelation, a former employee of McDonald's shared their experience with a horrific incident involving the store's shakes. They were shocked to receive a call from another store asking if they had received any complaints about their shakes. Upon investigation, the employee found that a mouse had somehow made its way into the machine and had been blended with the mix. Since then, the employee has become extra cautious when consuming ice cream products from the fast-food giant and urges others to do the same.

9. Decaf Coffee

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In a startling revelation, a former Burger King employee revealed that decaf coffee might not be what it seems. Despite being advertised on the menu, the employee claimed their location never brewed decaf coffee. Instead, they were instructed by the manager to water down regular coffee whenever a decaf order was placed.

10. Burgers From Sheetz

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If you're expecting a grilled burger from Sheetz, think again. A former employee said the patties are microwaved, despite the fake grill marks. Even the bacon suffers the same fate. If that wasn't enough, the peanut butter shakes pack a whopping 2,000 calories, so that you might consider a healthier option.

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