10 Things People Think Their Significant Other Doesn’t Need to Know

Some people think their partner doesn't need to know everything.

1. Hurtful Remarks Behind Their Back

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In a heartfelt plea, one user passionately raises the issue of safeguarding intimate conversations about their significant other, fearing the potential emotional harm it could inflict. With an unwavering emphasis on protecting their partner, they stress the dire consequences that must be avoided at all costs.

2. Bowel Movements: Keep Some Things Private

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Delving into bodily functions, a user courageously broaches the topic of bowel movements within relationships. While acknowledging that some couples may have no qualms about embracing such openness, this user firmly rejects the idea, labeling it improper and unsuitable for discussing such private physiological acts with a spouse.

3. Respecting Therapy Confidentiality

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Sharing a personal journey of therapy, one user opens up about their regular sessions spanning over a year. Strikingly, they reveal that their spouse has never inquired about the intricacies of these meetings, highlighting the immense solace they find in their partner's unwavering respect for privacy during treatment. This user cherishes the invaluable opportunity to communicate their innermost thoughts and emotions to a professional within the confines of a dedicated space.

4. No Need to Share ‘Body Count'

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Unveiling their perspective on disclosing “body count” figures, a user boldly challenges the notion that such information serves any useful purpose. They contend that sharing these numbers might even yield unfavorable consequences. With a hint of skepticism, this user underscores the potential pitfalls and futility of focusing on the past, urging couples to prioritize the present and future instead.

5. Respecting Boundaries: Avoid Secrets

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A thought-provoking stance on secrecy emerges as a user articulates their viewpoint, stressing the imperative of respecting and honoring their partner's request for privacy. Barring exceptional circumstances, this user contends that there are few justifiable reasons to withhold information from a loved one, advocating for openness as the cornerstone of a healthy relationship.

6. Expressing Unwavering Admiration

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Diving into the realm of compliments within partnerships, users fearlessly express their opinion on the matter. Acknowledging the diverse array of perspectives, they unabashedly declare their existing spouse as the epitome of physical attraction, with an unmatched charisma that permeates their intimate moments. While aware of potential dissenting viewpoints, this user confidently proclaims their undying admiration and unwavering support for their beloved.

7. Handling Mental Health With Care

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Dispensing invaluable advice on relationships and mental health, one user cautions against broaching the subject of leaving a partner during a worsened depression. With a poignant insight into the potential strain such discussions may exert, this user urges a delicate approach to addressing fragile mental health concerns, emphasizing the need for compassionate support and professional assistance.

8. Respecting Others' Secrets

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Stirring the debate around keeping each other's secrets, a user presents a compelling argument. They contend that if a secret does not directly impact the spouse or jeopardize the couple's relationship, it is unnecessary to divulge it. As an illuminating example, this user shares their knowledge of a close friend's troubled family history yet consciously chooses not to disclose it to their spouse, cherishing the value of privacy and trust while honoring another's confidence.

9. Questioning Constant Location Sharing

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Venturing into the peculiar realm of mobile phone location sharing, one user ponders the behaviors of family members who have adopted constant location tracking. From their father and stepmother to their sibling and partner, the user subjectively labels this conduct as “weird” and finds themselves baffled by its purpose, questioning the motivations behind this level of surveillance.

10. Respecting Privacy Boundaries

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Reflecting on their encounter with relationship privacy restrictions, a user recounts a poignant tale. While denying their request to access their partner's phone, they recall their former spouse's ongoing invasion of their privacy without consent. This user underscores the paramount importance of mutual respect's boundaries, acknowledging the inherent imbalance in their past relationship, where their spouse demanded privacy while disregarding their privacy needs.

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