10 Pieces of Bad Health Advice You Probably Need to Forget

From childhood to adulthood, people get to hear some health advice that is quite horrible or funny, but they follow it blindly. This advice leaves a scar on the human memory, and one cannot forget it. People remember those suggestions and how they impact their health. 

Let's know about the bad health advice.

No Cry, No Pain

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Strange pieces of advice coming from the medical staff make it hilarious. A poor person shares his childhood experience of how his parents believed the doctor that a child who doesn't cry means he is not hurt. They didn't take his fractured arm seriously until it was revealed that his arm was broken by another doctor. The guy added that he wants to confront that doctor who made his childhood miserable.

Tilting The Head Back

Man holding nose
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Have you ever gone through a bloody nose in life?

In childhood, everyone blindly follows the instructions of the medical staff. It is a strange experience shared by a school student. He adds that his nose was running with blood when the school nurse advised him to tilt his head backward. The student still considers this awful advice from her, which makes his running blood more dangerous.

No Need For Insulin

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Isn't it strange to prevent diabetic patients from insulin? 

First aid training doesn't make everyone an experienced doctor. A diabetic patient stated his experience was that the staff told him not to take insulin further and to take the cinnamon tablespoon instead. He shares that this advice was totally out of the box for him, and now he has Type 1 diabetes.

A Birth Fever

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Do you believe in birth fever?

Sometimes, the para-medical staff make strange and hilarious revelations about the patients' illnesses. An angry student shares his experience of interaction with a college nurse, who considered his kidney disease and pain as a birth fever. The student further revealed that he had to spend four days in a hospital for his disease due to the nurse's negligence and wrong medication.

An Aging Pain

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A regular pain turned into misery!

The frequent advice of the doctor makes patients' lives miserable, and there is not much left except to repent. It is the story of an angry patient who was being consistently told by the doctor that his pain was regular as he was getting old. The tragic thing is when he was diagnosed with cancer. The casual responses of the doctor are an alarming sign.

Bad Sleep Posture

Man Napping on Couch
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Is your back pain normal?

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An ill person shares his experience of being treated casually by a doctor. He elaborates that the doctor mentioned his pain is normal, it was maybe due to bad sleep posture, and advised him to use heating pads for relaxation. Furthermore, the real twist occurred when it was the problem of severe kidney infection, which was turning septic.

An Exposure to Sunburn

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Do you get the Sun exposure to make your skin tan?

Sometimes, the health advice is too vague or hilarious that one cannot do anything but laugh. A conscious user states that he was being advised to get some sunburnt due to his pale skin color. People believe that this exposure will help them get the tan color. The user further adds that this was his Keratosis Skin Cancer.

Carrots and Cancer

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Does it make any sense that carrots cure the cancer? 

Many people are true conspiracy theorists who make out-of-the-box suggestions. One of the employees shares his ex-boss suggestions on the cancer. His boss was adamant that the carrots could care for the cancers instead of expensive medications. These types of suggestions show the traditional or mythical mindset.

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Yoga for Connective Tissue Disorder

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One of the patients shares that she has connective tissue disorder, which makes his body hypermobile. This issue causes more flexibility in her body. She adds that one of the doctors suggests doing yoga. She is conscious now that more movability will cause damage to her body and thinks, Who in the sane mind recommends this? She adds that this advice is dangerous for her and that she is not following it.

No Workout for Skinny

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Do you think skinny people can't do the workout? 

This logic comes from non-informative people. A skinny person shares his experience that everyone advised him not to do the workout. Because people think they will be skinnier after this. Another user shares that a workout is good for slimness and helps maintain good body posture.

Regular Colloidal Silver Intake

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This is the advice most people get from their parents or elders. A brother-in-law rethinks about how his SIL suggests him to take Colloidal Silver regularly. He thinks this is the dumbest advice, and if anyone wants to turn to blue magic, he can have it. Another user agrees that he left the interview after seeing a mother giving the son Colloidal Silver for an ear infection.

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