“You Might Be A Criminal” 10 Easy Laws to Break Without Realizing You’re A Criminal

Sometimes we do things without thinking. Sometimes this means breaking the law. Here are ten laws you want to follow and avoid breaking.

1. Unreferenced Copying: Breaking the Law

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A participant illuminates the exasperation many encounter when confronted with the daunting task of completing assessments. They propose that certain individuals may resort to pilfering content from websites without offering proper acknowledgment to the original source. However, it is imperative to recognize that this act of plagiarism is not only ethically erroneous but also a violation of the law.

2. Free Song Downloads: Music Criminals!

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Another contributor sheds light on the prevailing practice of acquiring songs for free from unofficial websites. They emphasize that engaging in such activities essentially categorizes individuals as “outlaws.” This comment alludes to the fact that unauthorized downloading of copyrighted content is illegal in numerous jurisdictions.

3. Opening Junk Mail: Unknowingly Illegal

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A netizen shares a personal anecdote about receiving junk mail intended for their neighbor. In a momentary lapse, they confess to unveiling the mail and unknowingly transgressing the law. This underscores the legal consequences associated with tampering with someone else's mail, even if done unintentionally.

4. Trolling Consequences: Jail Time for Cyberbullying

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The potential legal ramifications of trolling behavior on the internet are highlighted. A specific incident is mentioned where an individual trolled a website dedicated to a deceased teenager and faced severe penalties. The user expresses astonishment at the substantial price the offender had to pay, including an 18-week prison sentence and a five-year ban from social network sites. This example emphasizes the serious repercussions that can arise from engaging in trolling activities.

5. Tip Money: Restaurant Tax Evasion

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A denizen highlights a common occurrence in the restaurant industry where employees take home their gratuities without reporting them to their employer. This behavior amounts to tax evasion as it involves deliberately not declaring income for tax purposes. The comment emphasizes that tax evasion is illegal and carries severe legal consequences.

6. Unauthorized Laptop Access: Legal Issue With Friends

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It is revealed that accessing someone else's laptop without permission, even if it belongs to an acquaintance, is against the law. The comment cautions readers about potential legal action if the owner decides to pursue the matter. Respecting others' privacy and digital boundaries is crucial to evade entanglement in legal disputes.

7. Internet Mardy: Facing Online Legal Consequences

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A cautionary statement warns against engaging in heated arguments or excessive negativity towards others online. The contributor emphasizes the potential legal consequences of such behavior. They suggest that engaging in online harassment or defamation may result in the targeted individual taking legal action, thereby turning the commenter into a defendant in a court case. Maintaining respectful online interactions is advised to steer clear of legal troubles.

8. Unauthorized Possession: Taking Prescribed Pills Illegally

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Participants are cautioned against accepting or acquiring prescription medication from an acquaintance without a valid prescription. The comment points out that such actions can be considered illegal possession of a controlled substance due to the absence of a proper prescription. Adhering to legal and medical guidelines regarding prescription drugs is crucial to avoid potential legal consequences.

9. Profile Tampering: Fraud on Social Media

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A cautionary tale is shared about tampering with a friend's Facebook profile after they forgot to log off. The user explains that such actions can be considered a form of deceit, involving the dissemination of false information, falling under the umbrella of internet fraud. The comment emphasizes the legal implications and ethical considerations of engaging in such activities without proper consent or authorization.

10. Human Trafficking: Depths of Greed

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One user reflects on the gravity of human trafficking, particularly when it involves children. Deep concern is expressed, describing it as a manifestation of the depths humanity can sink to due to avarice. The comment highlights the severity of this crime and the devastating impact it has on individuals' lives, underscoring the ongoing need for concerted efforts to combat and eradicate such abhorrent acts.

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