10 Indie Games for Gamers to Check Out

The era of Indie Games is upon us—and we are on a quest to discover jaw-dropping games. 

Indie games are wreaking havoc in the gaming industry. That's why here's a concise list of 10 Indie Games That Deserve Your Attention:

1. Biogun

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Metroidvanias are increasingly popular these days. A great addition is Biogun. In this indie game, you are injected into a dog to fight off enemies on a microscopic level. Pretty interesting, right?

You can upgrade equips and absorb new powers from defeated enemies. The animation is hand-drawn, and the game features a dynamic and unique setting that has never been seen before.

2. Wizard With a Gun

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The name is intriguing, and so is the game! Wizard With a Gun is a Magical Sandbox Survival Adventure. The game features a unique world in which you explore randomly generated biomes.

You can find goods to collect and even get them from enemies. Improve your stats by crafting new items and head out again to explore the world.

3. The Last Faith

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2023 has brought a lot of Metroidvanias, like the one we discussed earlier—and The Last Faith being one of them. It is a fantastic blend of Metroidvania and Bloodborne.

It features magnificent pixel art in a gothic setting, spread over various starting archetypes, great combat, flawless voice acting, and a magnanimous arsenal. All of this makes it a great addition to 2023's Metroidvanias.

4. Headbangers Rhythm Royale by Glee-Cheese Studio

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Headbangers Rhythm Royale is a new indie game that drops in the Battle Royale genre. Yep, that genre is saturated. However, Headbanging fun can't be replaced by any other.

You can battle across 23 minigames, having four rounds to gain the title of Master Headbanger. The game features customizable pigeons and a Battle Royale setting that takes the stage.

5. Faerie Afterlight by Clay Game Studio

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You will help Kimo and Wispy on their journey to recover the Shards of Light in this 2D Metroidvania.

In Faerie Afterlight, you get to solve intriguing puzzles, befriend the citizens of Lumina, and acquire the abilities of titans. This indie game covers a magical land with exquisite art style and a lush soundtrack. Faerie Afterlight will keep you captivated.

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6. Vlad Circus: Descend Into Madness by Indiesruption

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Oliver Mills, a tormented clown, invites you to uncover the dark truth of Vlad Circus. Oliver worked at a Circus that burnt down years ago, and now, he wants your help to uncover its dark mystery.

Vlad Circus brings you a labyrinth mansion, and you'll have to survive through 50 areas. You'll love the evocative pixel art and marvelous dialogues, with tricky puzzles, action, and light survival mechanics.

7. Voltaire The Vegan Vampire by Digitality Games

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Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire is a Farming Action Roguelite indie game. You have two jobs. Take care of your spooky farm in the day and defend your crops against evil at night.

You role-play Voltaire, Dracula's youngest ‘vegan' son. The hand-drawn art, different abilities, and a plethora of vicious plants waiting for you to join the fields—fields of harvest and fighting.

8. Rightfully, Beary Arms by Daylight Basement Studio

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This game is a Roguelite Dungeon Crawler that is much more than collecting loot and dying to lose everything. Deploy your best tactics to plan your dungeon crawl.

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Fight against different crews of enemies and preserve your loot on death strategically. The game even features a great variety of arsenal in the dungeons. Each successful run gives you a loot drop of your choice.

9. Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons by Secret Base Pte

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

In the year 199X, the Nuclear War destroyed NYC. The city is rigged with crimes everywhere. Billy and Jimmy Lee want the town to be peaceful again—and you'll help them in their endeavors.

Double Dragon Gaiden features Roguelite elements as you play 2 of the four starting characters and an additional nine that you will collect. Each character has various abilities and playstyles. Justice is up to you now!

10. Mr. Run and Jump by Graphite Lab

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Mr. Run and Jump is a Neon Colored precision platforming game. You, with the help of your trusted dog companion, will have to defeat the Void. How, though?

Collect all the power gems in the oblivion of colors. There are tough platforming games that take hours to beat. This one is a bit different—and way more challenging and charming.

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