10 Surprising Hacks That Actually Work Well

Most of us avoid following any life hack, considering it useless and fake. But not all life hacks we go through from different sources are scams. Many of them can prove life-saving for you. Here, we are going to discuss top life hacks that feel unrealistic but work surprisingly. 

1. Put Hard Drive in the Freezer

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How would you react if I said you could get your data back from a dying hard drive by putting it in the freezer? That’s the realistic solution of saving the data in a dying hard drive. Many contributors shared that they never believed in such a goofy solution to work. But the results surprised them when they put their hard drive in the freezer. This solution proved life-saving for several people.

2. Rest Your Mind, Not Your Body

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Most of the time, we all feel fatigued after working long, mentally strenuous jobs, but we opt for physical rest to relax. Isn’t it strange that we try to relax physically when we need mental rest? One of the commentators stated that he never felt tired when he used to do labor work. But now, when he was working in the office while sitting, every day was weary.

3. Stop Crying by Clearing Your Throat

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You must have listened to different tricks to control your emotions. Like these tricks, one surprising trick is to control your tears by clearing your throat several times. A person explained this by saying that a person cannot cry and cough at the same time. So, whenever you feel out of control, just clear your throat three to four times; it will help hold back your tears.

4. Use Vinegar to Wash the Clothes

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Sometimes, we face difficulty in removing the musty odor from towels and sunscreens from swimsuits. And the use of harsh chemicals to wash these challenging stains and odors results in fabric damage. The best way to get rid of them is to add vinegar while washing the clothes. Avoid adding it with soap. This trick will clear all the dirt, cream remnants, and pungent odors from your clothes.

5. Repair the Fan by Smacking

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Every time some of the electronics malfunction, we seek the services of an electrician. But how fun it will be if an electronic such as a fan starts working with some tapping. An individual commented that when he was working as an IT support, he received a complaint about Mac SE-30s overheating. Then, he smacked on the side, and the fan started spinning again.

6. Get Rid of Nausea by Sniffing Alcohol Swab

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Nausea is an unpleasant condition we all experience in our daily routine. We all want to get rid of this condition as soon as we can. Medical experts have found sniffing alcoholic swabs helps patients with nausea. But avoid sniffing the alcohol directly from the bottle. Also, if you are experiencing any different health conditions, recommend your doctor before using an alcoholic swab for nausea.

7. Finish Little Chores in Two Minutes

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Stacking up little chores can prove overwhelming for you. To deal with the situation, you can set a two-minute rule. Try to cover all chores, such as folding the clothes, washing the dishes, setting the groceries, etc, in just two minutes. It helps you become more organized and disciplined. An individual explained that she used to complete the little tasks while heating something in the oven.

8. Use Toothache Gel for Allergy

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Sometimes, medications fail to give relief to the patients. In these cases, off-label uses prove effective in treating the particular ailment. The same goes for the allergy. A person shared his experience when he suffered from an allergy caused by bed bugs. He said he used all available medications but did not get relief. After searching, he tried a lidocaine-rich toothache gel and surprisingly felt recovered.

9. Use Baking Soda as a Cleanser

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Baking soda can prove a miracle cleanser for you. Using baking soda, you can efficiently get rid of tough stains from clothes, furniture, shoes, and clogged drains in homes. A contributor expressed that once, he faced difficulty getting rid of a pungent coffee smell caused by an old coffee cup in his car. Someone told him to sprinkle baking soda in the car, and surprisingly, this worked amazingly for him.

10. Eat Dietary Fibers for All Gut Problems

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Dietary fibers are an effective choice for treating all kinds of gut ailments. Whether you are experiencing diarrhea or constipation, dietary fibers are the relieving treatment strategy. An individual stated that regular consumption of dietary fiber supplements aided him in combating frequent intestinal ailments. However, it is advisable to increase the fiber intake slowly; otherwise, adverse effects can occur.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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