10 Things Men Want in a Wife That Are Left Unspoken

In the world of romantic relationships, everyone has desires from their partner that often go unspoken. These desires can be found on both sides – men and women. If left unaddressed, these cravings can cause serious problems in a relationship. On an online platform, men shared things they secretly craved in their wives but didn't have the courage to admit.

1. Undivided Attention

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After a hectic day, partners naturally crave a few hours of undivided attention from each other. This time is necessary to unwind and relax. A guy mentioned that his wife usually uses her phone when they are talking, and all he wants is for her to look at him and actually try to comprehend what he is saying.

2. Physical Affection

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Physical touch is a love language for so many people out there, and it can be so healing. Physical affection can be as simple as hand-holding or a hug. A user shared that he craves for his wife to want to hug him without asking. He added that people who get hugged regularly take them for granted.

3. Compassion

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After we have had a bad day at work, or maybe just an argument with a friend, we would all want someone to listen to us. And once you are married, that someone is naturally going to be your spouse. A commenter said that his wife tells him to “deal with it” whenever he is stressed over something, and it sounds like a parent talking to their teen, not a wife to her husband.

4. Personal Space

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Alone time is necessary for one's mental and emotional well-being. The importance of this increases when juggling between work and family all the time. An individual shared that his wife wants to spend all the time with him, and it is frustrating since they almost always end up fighting.

5. Better Communication

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Women generally are better able to pick up on non-verbal or emotional cues, and in some cases, they expect the men to do the same. This expectation leads to them not expressing their needs openly. Several people commented the same thing – they want their wives to open up and tell them whatever they want.

6. Small Gifts

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Just like women, some men also appreciate small gifts from their partners as it shows thoughtfulness in a relationship. Such unexpected gifts can brighten up anyone's mood within seconds. An individual responded that sometimes, all he craves is for his wife to bring him flowers. Another added that he wants an intimate surprise birthday party.

7. Good Food

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Stephen Colbert once said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and the comments made us believe it. One person said that he misses the tiramisu his wife once made; another replied he wants his wife to make brownies for him sometime. Another mentioned his love language is whatever his wife cooks for him.

8. Intellectual Conversations

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Deep conversations enable partners to connect better and develop a deeper sense of companionship. A guy said he wants to have intellectual or spiritual conversations with his wife, while she is content in talking about only the mundane every day minutiae. While discussing your daily life is important, there must be a balance between routine and thoughtful conversations.

9. Reassurance

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Everyone needs someone who makes them feel loved and cared for. Emotional support is a comforting reminder that you are not alone in life's challenges, and this is the base of any healthy relationship. Someone commented that he craves his wife to reassure him that he is doing a good job as a husband and a father.

10. Honesty

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Trust is built on honesty, and for any relationship to work, partners must have complete faith in whatever the other one is saying. A final user replied that his wife keeps lying about the smallest things, and all he wants is for her to be completely honest. He added that the constant lying has become a source of frustration for him.

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