10 Things That Actually Get Worse the More You Do Them

It is a wise saying that practice makes a man perfect. But this phrase does not work on all things. Here are a few things that get worse the more they practice. People on an online platform shared their opinions on this statement.

1. Overthinking

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Overthinking means to think a thing more than it deserves. People consider normal things a lot and exaggerate in their minds. They ask questions about these things and create answers on their own. They conclude the benefits and losses of the thing. And all this goes with the ‘what, if' phrase. The more they think, the more they lose the ability to solve the problem.

2. Negative Comments

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Some people have a habit of passing comments. Some people do good, and some people love to pass bad comments. Bad comments are passed to shred the person's confidence and hurt them. The more negative comments people say, the more they develop the habit of doing so. And a time reaches when they can not figure out whom to say bad or whom to say not. And somewhere, they get consequences for their bad habit.

3. Accepting Failures

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Failure is the first step to getting success. But it does not mean one should embrace failures happily, considering they cover paths towards success. Some people get habitual of getting failures. And accept these as part of life. In this way, they do not focus on success. And these regular failures proved to be worse in their life.

4. Overeating

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Some people love to eat. Even some people live to eat. Regular overeating can lead one to the bed of death. One should eat according to the appetite. People who overeat face obesity, stomach, gas, and cardiovascular problems. The more one eats, his health and lifestyle will worsen.

5. Recalling Bad Memories

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Memories have a great influence on the present and future. A person with good memories will remain healthy and produce lucrative results. On the other hand, a person with bad memories will be less productive. Thus, a person recalling bad memories will face a worse life. In his life, only bad things will happen due to these memories.

6. Making Timetables

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Making time table is the first step to managing time and doing things on time. But some people do engage themselves so much in making timetables. They create one and feel it is not perfect. And then make another one and feels it is not practicable. In this way, the more they spend time making timetables, the more their time is wasted. And they left with no time to follow the timetable.

7. Practicing Less Sleep

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Some people focus on changing their life habits. Early to bed and early rise is a common phrase. But following this phrase also have some rules. It does not mean reducing sleeping time. People start reducing their sleeping time to wake up early. In this way, they feel sleepy all day. The more they practice waking up early, the more they feel sleepy.

8. Avoid Learning

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Some people do not want to learn things. They think that they know everything. And in some cases, their thinking works. But when the challenging work comes, they remain with blank faces because they are avoiding learning. And at the end, this belief appeared to be a worse result.

9. Discovering Shortcuts

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Everyone loves to create and have shortcuts. But it must not be a habitual activity. Because finding shortcuts decreases the experience level of a person. A man who always devises shortcuts always lacks knowledge. And his worth in market place continues to decrease. And a time reached when he did not know anything about work. 

10. Technology Dependent

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One of the participants in the comments stated that if someone is dependent on technology, he will become used less. A student who remains dependent on technology for studies lacks knowledge. And a person who does not do manual work but prefers machines will lack manual knowledge.

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