15 Things People Could Do Back in the 1980s

The 80s were when social norms were changing, and culture was shifting. Some things were acceptable at the time but not good today. Some things that were common at that time were considered bad. It is necessary to understand that society is progressing daily, and it has a lot of changes as well. These changes may be in attitude, environment, or behavior that we need to accept.

1. Smoking on Planes

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Nowadays, it is not nicer to smoke in airplanes. In the '80s, it was very common to smoke in airplanes. Every passenger had an ashtray with their seat. Even Pilots also used to smoke while flying. It was a time when intoxication was very common. If passengers or pilots didn't do it, they started to lack nicotine. Later it eliminates.

2. Spanking Kids

Angry mother threatening her daughter at home
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In the 1980s, it was very common for parents to spank their children. It is not bad at all to slap children for their mistakes. Some schools even allow it. Later this practice was completely changed. This thing was having a very bad effect on the children. So, this thing was completely stopped. It has a bad outcome.

3. Creepy Romance Movies

The Blue Lagoon Brooke Shields
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That type of movie is not allowed today for those which had explicit scenes. For example, the Blue Lagoon in 1980 was an extremely controversial and popular movie. The main lead was Brooke Shield. He was 14 when the film was released, and her costar was only 18. They play a cousin role in which they fall in love on an island. 

4. Creepy Shows for the Whole Family

Tales from the Darkside
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Besides movies, TV shows also play an important role in raising children. The TV shows of that time were very scary. Many scary things were published on family shows then, such as howling wolves, dangerous trains, or a giant-eating cat. Later, these were completely removed from TV shows. 

5. Children Went to the Cockpit

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In the 1980s, it was common practice for air hostesses to take children to see the pilot. It was too intrusive for the pilot. But leaving your children in the cockpit was not considered illegal then. Later this trend changed completely, and nothing like this happens anymore.

6. Homophobia Was at an All-Time High

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The 1980s were pretty tough for people who weren't gay. AIDS was known as the gay plague. Homophobia and Homhysteria rose on TV then and were involved in many jokes. Such tricks and taunts were very common in teen films.

7. The Drinking Age Was 18

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It is customary in Europe that children are legally allowed to drink and smoke when they turn eighteen. In the 1980s, children were first allowed to drink at eighteen. When it was noticed that many accidents were occurring at such a young age, the drinking age was raised to 21.

8. A Male Co-worker Had More Freedom

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In the 80s, it became clear that women objected more to the men they worked with. At that time, grouping was not considered trivial. If a worker playboy does something wrong to a female co-worker and the women complain about it, it is believed that the women are jealous of them or that they are worse than them۔

9. Safety Standards in Car

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In the 1980s, safety laws need more attention. Safety standards were mostly recommendations. People follow them voluntarily. Seat belts were optional. Children sit in the front seats and play with radios. They used to play with it. Precautions were not taken seriously at all. Later due to the increasing number of accidents, many laws were made on preventive measures, which were also implemented.

10. Kids Ride Bikes Without Helmets

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During the 1980s, many things needed to consider. The laws that were established to protect the public were considered a joke. Helmets were necessary while riding a motorcycle—however, no one used them, but everyone had a bike. The fear of the law was not as great as it is now. Many people did not even know where to buy a helmet.

11. Children Played Without Adult Supervision

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In the 80s, children were irresponsible and went out without adult supervision. During winter and summer vacations, children would go out to play in the morning and return at night. They were not afraid of anyone, nor were they supervised. Even children used to go to malls, theatres, and pools without supervision.

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12. The Circus Held Actual Animals

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In the 80s, the law used to vary from state to state and country to country. At that time, circus animals are tortured with whips, electric shocks, tight collars, etc. Later, social media brought this thing to light. Raised a voice and showed the world how animals are treated in the circus. After that, the circus owners are forced to give up such things.

13. Kids Buying Cigarettes

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At that time, it was very common for children to buy cigarettes for their parents, even at a young age. They didn't need any ID then, and the child who came to buy cigarettes was 5 or 15 years old.

14. Smoking Was Everywhere, and Everyone Did It

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It was completely normal to smoke while working in the office or watching a movie in the theatre. While taking a cigarette, no one pays any attention to the age of the person buying that cigarette. 

15. Spouse Abuse Was Not Recognized 

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Some states in the US recognized that a spouse may assault their partner much more readily than others. In 1984, a New York judge ruled that “married women have the same rights over their bodies as unmarried women.” Other states followed suit after 1993.

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