“Don’t Act Like A Woman” 10 Infuriating Outdated Sayings Boomers Just Can’t Stop Saying Even Though They’re Offensive

Language is alive, just like society is. It changes based on what people value. Some idioms that used to be popular are now being looked into because language has changed. People think these sayings are old, rude, or disrespectful now, even though they used to be funny or wise. Let's look at some sayings like these that have been around for hundreds of years but are still causing trouble today. 

1. “God Only Gives You What You Can Handle”

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This saying is often used to comfort or encourage people during hard times, but it can sound like it doesn't care about their problems. According to this phrase, people who are going through a tough time are likely able to “handle” it. In real life, problems can be too much to handle, and this saying might not consider how complicated people's lives are.

2. “Man Up”

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Men have been told to “man up” for a long time to make them hide their feelings or act in a stereotypically male way, even when it's not proper. It reinforces terrible ideas about men and women and says that being open or asking for help is a sign of weakness.

3. “Calm Down, Dear”

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This term is often used condescending or patronizingly, and it can make someone feel less important when angry or upset. It makes them feel like their feelings aren't valid or reasonable, which can be upsetting and stop them from dealing with the real problem.

4. “You Throw Like a Girl”

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People still think that girls aren't as skilled or capable as boys because of their gender, and this saying is an excellent example of that. It makes people feel bad about their skills and gifts, no matter what gender they are, and it can be hurtful and offensive.

5. “Boys Will Be Boys”

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People often use the phrase “boys will be boys” to explain bad behavior, especially in boys or young men. It means that some behaviors, like being angry or getting into trouble, are normal for men and should be accepted. Many people have said that this reinforces harmful assumptions and permits people to do things that should be discussed and fixed.

6. “Like a Fish Out of Water”

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People who feel awkward or out of place in a setting are often said to be using this phrase. It makes you feel uneasy, but it may be considered out-of-date and insensitive because it refers to a fish's fight to survive when it is taken out of its natural environment. Some say there are better ways to say the same thing without hurting animals.

7. “Practice Makes Perfect”

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This saying stresses how important practice is for improving, but the idea that perfection is possible can be troublesome. Looking for perfection can cause you to have too high of hopes and too much stress. Modern views don't try to reach an unreachable ideal but support growth, learning, and progress.

8. “Curiosity Killed the Cat”

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People often say this to warn them not to be too nosy or interested. It talks about what could happen if you are too curious, but it leaves out the most crucial part of the original saying: “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” The whole phrase recognizes that being curious can help you learn new things and grow as a person.

9. “A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush”

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It's said that it's better to have a small gain you know you'll keep than to risk losing it to get a bigger gain you don't know you'll keep. People can learn a lot from it about being careful, but it might be too cautious in a world where taking smart risks can pay off big.

10. “Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk”

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This saying says not to overthink about mistakes or small problems that happened in the past. But it might be seen as insensitive and not caring about how someone feels. It can hurt their mental health if you tell someone not to show their feelings. The way people talk to each other today stresses how important it is to recognize and deal with feelings instead of ignoring them.

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