10 Foreigners React to 10 ‘Normal’ American Foods

In a diverse world filled with varying culinary traditions, it's no surprise that certain foods can spark contrasting reactions across different cultures. On an online platform, non-Americans recently encountered and expressed their thoughts on some quintessentially American dishes and treats.

1. Confusion Over Grits: Non-Americans' Experience

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With a touch of perplexity, an astonished connoisseur recounts their experience trying grits during their visit to America. They express utter bewilderment towards the dish, struggling to comprehend its allure and leaving them in a state of bemusement.

2. German Exchange Student's Mountain Dew Love

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Reflecting on their high school days, an enthusiast shares a heartwarming story of hosting a German exchange student. They fondly recall the student developing a peculiar fondness for American Mountain Dew, to the point of pouring it into their cereal. Nostalgia seeps through their words as they reminisce about the time spent with their fellow adventurer, cherishing the unique memories they created together.

3. Twizzlers: Disappointing Cherry-Flavored Plastic

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Firmly expressing their opinion, a connoisseur holds strong sentiments about Twizzlers, a popular American candy. Their expectations were high, anticipating something akin to raspberry spirals. However, they express disappointment in the taste, likening it to cherry-flavored plastic. Determined to find a more enjoyable cherry-flavored treat, they embarked on a month-long quest in Washington, D.C., only to find themselves let down by Twizzlers, deeming it the greatest culinary letdown during their time there.

4. Doggy Bags: Absurd Concept for French Student

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Drawing from their experience hosting a French wanderer, an explorer highlights a cultural difference in food etiquette. The wanderer thoroughly enjoyed the food in the United States, but they couldn't grasp the concept of taking leftovers home when dining out. They found the idea of a “treasure sack” absurd, as it was not a common practice in their home country. This contrast in dining customs stood out to the explorer, offering a unique perspective on cultural differences.

5. The Corn Conundrum: Clash Over Corn on the Cob

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Recounting their encounter with a Spanish adventurer, an epicure shares an amusing anecdote surrounding American cuisine. To introduce the adventurer to traditional American food, they prepared a classic barbecue meal comprising ribs, burgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob, among other dishes. While the adventurer enjoyed most of the spread, they adamantly refused to partake in the corn on the cob. Through the language barrier, the reason behind their hesitation was eventually discovered. Back in Spain, the adventurer's family raised pigs, and corn on the cob was predominantly fed to the pigs as part of their diet. In a light-hearted twist, the epicure realizes that they unknowingly served the adventurer what they considered to be “pig delicacy,” eliciting laughter and a memorable moment of cultural exchange.

6. Swiss Disapproval: Kraft Mac and Cheese

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Sharing their experience with their Swiss significant other's reaction to Kraft Mac and Cheese, one connoisseur conveys their anticipation of enjoying this classic American dish, only to be met with their partner's appalled response. The partner couldn't wrap their head around consuming a meal of orange powder mixed with noodles. The stark cultural contrast in their perspectives on food leaves the connoisseur amused by their partner's disbelief and unwillingness to try this American staple.

7. Candy Corn: Sugar, Lard, and Wax Blend

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Holding a far-from-favorable opinion on Candy Corn, according to one epicure, the taste of this popular American Halloween candy is likened to a mixture of sugar, lard, and wax, evoking the unpleasant flavors and textures reminiscent of something found inside a shoe. The epicure's description underscores their strong aversion to Candy Corn, portraying it as unappealing and unpalatable to their discerning taste buds.

8. Cracker Barrel Dumplings: Chinese Dissatisfaction

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Expressing disappointment, a Chinese epicure recounts their experience at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. The wanderer was eager to try the recommended dumplings, a dish they typically enjoy, and the dining experience was underwhelming. The comment suggests that the dumplings served at Cracker Barrel failed to meet their expectations, leaving them feeling let down by the taste or quality compared to the dumplings they are accustomed to from Chinese cuisine.

9. Root Beer: Medicinal Tastes Worldwide

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Offering an observation on the common responses to unappetizing American foods, one connoisseur notes the mixed reactions peanut butter and root beer often receive from non-Americans. The comment highlights that the taste of root beer may remind some individuals of medicinal flavors found in other parts of the world, indicating that the unique flavor profile of root beer may not resonate with everyone's palate beyond the United States.

10. Vibrant Frosting Cakes: Play-Doh Associations

Angel food cake with whipped cream and fresh berries

Expressing their thoughts on American cakes adorned with vibrant frosting colors such as neon green, dark blue, and black, one culinary artist candidly shares their perception. They admit that, rather than seeing these colorful cakes as food, their brain associates them with Play-Doh, a modeling compound used for children's play. This association with Play-Doh diminishes the cakes' appeal to the artist, revealing a cultural difference in aesthetic preferences for cake decorations.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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