10 Ways That Parenting is a Rollercoaster

Parenthood is a mix of emotions and is perceived differently by everyone. It creates a sense of responsibility and a learning experience of personal growth for you and your partner. Some people crave to embrace parenthood, while others don't want it. This can be due to various reasons, like feeling the risk to perform responsibilities. Here are some aspects of parenthood that make it a rollercoaster.

1. Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain

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Pregnant women gain weight during pregnancy, which is normal and natural. While some can reshape their body back to their original after pregnancy, others may struggle to lose the gained weight. On a social platform, a netizen suggests it is better to consult a professional dietician to lose excess weight healthily. Moreover, they shouldn't let their weight influence their confidence negatively.

2. Stronger Bond

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Navigating through similar parenthood experiences fosters relatability and stronger bonding among couples. A contributor shares online that he and his wife had a great bond with each other but never knew their level of emotional intimacy existed for each other when they became parents. Another one says building a family identity and legacy is to be to bring partners closer.

3. Intimate Life

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Couples may struggle to take time for their intimate lives when a child is born. After pregnancy, the body goes through a series of hormonal changes that can impact mood swings among women. A user reveals that couples shouldn't worry over the temporary shift of priorities and create space for open communication to balance physical and emotional intimacy.

4. Responsibilities

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Parenthood is about making a baby and efficiently performing the associated responsibilities. A user narrates online, “The days are long, the years are short; cherish them while you can.” She says although parenthood comes with different moral and financial duties to fulfill, it should be embraced & enjoyed throughout this journey of learning experience.

5. Self-Preservation

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Children are always curious to explore new things & often do things that they are told not to. They are like game characters who are escorted through different obstacles to protect. A user pens down; they are creative and come up with all kinds of ways to try and kill themselves. Moreover, he says keeping ahead of the game with them is exhausting.

6. Emotional Fulfilment

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Life can get colorless without kids. They make our lives as vibrant as a rainbow. The presence of kids from one's bloodline gives a sense of emotional fulfillment and achievement. This encourages them to work hard to provide their kids with a better standard of living. A contributor articulates in an online debate that the companionship of kids becomes helpful in old age to alleviate loneliness and depression. 

7. Sleep Deprivation

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Just as beautiful parenthood is, the more sacrifices it demands. Sleep deprivation is what many couples go through in the initial parenting days. A user laments that she's only nine years into parenthood, but so far, it's been the sleep deprivation that she still struggles with. In reply to this, a contributor writes that his kids sleep great now after school but wake up when it's our time to sleep, which is the hardest part of parenthood for me.

8. Redefined purpose

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The perspective of human thinking is limited to its surroundings. When blessed with a baby, our perspective of thinking is reshaped, and the purpose of life is redefined. They start to find joy in the smallest moments of life. Someone shared their parenthood story, saying they were never very serious about future uncertainties. Still, as soon as they gave birth to a baby, their perspective shifted towards providing a sustainable future for him.

9. Unconditional Love

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Every form of love can be conditional, but the parent-children relationship only has unconditional love for each other. Parenting is the only job every parent performs with due diligence worldwide and still doesn't get a day off. An individual claims that parents are the only people who want their kids to go above them regarding success.

10. Time Together

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The early years of a relationship or marriage encompass high youthful energy and passion for goals. Having kids during the early years of marriage can lead to spending more time together. On a web forum, a user wrote early after marriage that they became parents & was the best decision of their life because they had time to spend together and witness their kids growing from infants to toddlers in front of their eyes.

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