10 Things Men Have a Hard Time Explaining to Women

The men of Reddit compiled a list of the hardest things to explain to women.

1. “It's Ok to Just Tell Me Where You Want To Eat.”

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“I always tell her you pick because if I try and pick there is always a no to most of what I suggest. Last time I laid out 6 of my favorites and she said, “that’s just a list of places.” Why yes. Yes they are,” one man said. Another suggested, “That’s when you have them guess where you’re taking them and then take them to their first or second guess.”

2. “‘Nothing' Means ‘Nothing'”

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“When you ask me how my day was or what I did today, nothing in my day usually stands out as special, so I just don't remember. I usually don't remember what I do, I just live,” one guy said. Another added, “Work gets put into a box as soon as I clock out, I then spend then time it takes to get home to flush my mind of it all so I am not angry or stressed about my day. I don't want to think about work until I clock back in the next morning. My day was the same and something funny or interesting may have happened but I am not opening that box when I'm sitting at home staring into the neighbor's trees blowing in the wind.”

3. “I'm Seriously Not Checking You Out Every Time You Walk By”

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“This makes me so self-conscious in the gym. Everytime someone walks past I look, especially in the mirrors and I always catch the eye of a girl probably thinking I'm checking her out. I really don't wanna be seen as that creepy guy making girls at the gym uncomfortable. It's literally the last thing I'm thinking about,” one guy said. Another added, “Yup, the HR lady keeps looking at me weird when I glance over when she walks by. I'm not hiding anything, I'm not “pretending to look busy because you're around”, you literally walked by me. I'm wondering if there's some evolutionary reason for this, I've also heard from other men that the “constantly scanning the environment and everything that moves” is pretty common.”

4. “When We Say We Need Time or Space, That’s Exactly What We Need”

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“Had an ex who would keep pushing me to talk when I got angry about something. I just wanted some time to cool off before having a discussion about it. One of the reasons she's an ex. My wife now is fantastic, we understand each other and when it's best to just shut up and let things settle. More often than not we realise the reason for getting grumpy in the first place is trivial and we get over it,” one man said.

5. “When We Say We Don't Care We Really Don't Care”

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“When we say we don't care we really dont care. Yes we can have an opinion on something, but when we say we don't care that means our opinion isn't strong enough to sway us either way on something,” one man said. Another added, “I learned to say “I don’t have a preference.” That always seems to come across better.”

6. “Very Often, We Say Something at Its Face Value With No Double Meaning”

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“Very often, we say something at its face value with no double meaning, or alternative meaning, behind it. It's women who ask me, ‘What did you mean when you asked/said that?' I said/asked exactly what I meant. If wanted to state it differently, I would have done so,” one man said. Another added, “Also, when we say we don't understand something it means we legitimately don't understand it. Or, as in my case, my interpretation of your statement lead me to some unflattering conclusions that I'd rather not assume as true so wish for you to reiterate your statement so I can come to a better understanding and more flattering conclusion.”

7. “It’s a Different Type of Happy When a Guy Gets Complimented”

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“Omg. I work at a restaurant and a couple regulars that I love requested me as “the tall blond guy. I'm nit even 5'11” and have never been referred to as the tall anything. I'm still flyin high from that and that was a few weeks ago,” one guy said. Another added, “So true. The girlfriend of a close friend of mine kept giving me compliments on my looks and the way I carry myself while she was drunk, and although alcohol may have played a role in what she was saying, I felt really good about myself and have ever since. This was about 3 months ago and I have just been riding on that high.”

8. “Just Because I'm Quiet in Your Presence Doesn't Mean I'm Upset”

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“Yea dude I feel this one. My default state is sitting quietly. My roommate however feels the need to fill every silence she encounters with words. I think that she interprets my quietness as me not wanting to talk to her, when I’m reality I just have nothing to say at the moment,” one guy said.

9. ” We Talk So Little About Women When We Get Together for Drinks”

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“The few times that me and guy friends have talked about women outside of “hey, I think _____ is cute. You know if shes available?” It's made most of the guys in the group a lil uncomfortable and the guy that brings up the topic has never stuck around my friend groups long,” one guy said.

10. “Just Because I’m a Guy Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Care”

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“I’ve had women talk to me about guys losing their hair “ he’s a guy so he doesn’t care! “ I know a lot of guys who hate being bald or the fact that they are balding and their hair is thinning and hairline is receding! This idea that we don’t care or don’t care about our looks because we are a guy is ridiculous,” one guy said.

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