10 Fruits People Either Love or Loathe

For a healthy lifestyle, it is important to include fruits in your daily diet since they provide essential nutrition to your body. Some fruits, however, are only suitable for some. One may prefer it, another may not. There can be many reasons for not liking something; let's hear from people.

1. Papaya

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Papaya is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, which are good for the digestive system, causing bloating and constipation and reducing the risk of heart disease, but what makes people dislike it?

According to some, they hated papaya from the moment they ate it; its smell and taste were unbearable and nauseating; since then, they have hated this fruit.

2. Durian

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Durian can be eaten raw or ripe; it is not only used in different dishes to enhance the flavor but in medical terms as well to treat high blood pressure.

An individual stated that durian is the only fruit he doesn't like to eat because of its textured, distinctive smell and horrible taste, which makes a person gag.

3. Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit
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Dragon Fruit can be considered a rare fruit as it is never found easily in stores. However, it helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of severe diseases.

A man said that the reason he hates this fruit is because it is tasteless, has a terrible texture, has an unpleasant smell, and its seeds stick in his teeth. 

4. Guava

Woman Drinking at Hotel
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Guava can not only be eaten as a fruit, but it can also be used in jams, beverages, jellies, and other foods. The fruit gives you nutrition, but its leaves are also useful for healing wounds.

An articulate added that he likes guava only because of its fragrance but dislikes it because of its hard seeds, which require a lot of effort to chew.

5. Kiwi

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Kiwi provides all the essential nutrients, protein, fiber, and vitamins your body needs; that's why it is also known as magic fruit.

Someone commented that kiwi barely has any flavor, but sometimes it feels like eating soap; the skin is so hairy, which they don't like.

The second man responded that kiwi used to be his favorite fruit, but now he gets allergic to it.

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6. Raspberries

Woman eating raspberry.
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There are many ways to eat raspberry, like eating it fresh, over the top of the cake, as a dessert, and in the oatmeal breakfast.

Respondent shared that there are many fruits that they don't like, but raspberries will always be number one because they taste foul, have way too many seeds, and the hairy skin makes them wince.

7. Banana

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Banana contains Vitamin A and C, which are magical ingredients to help you achieve youthful and radiant skin.

A person stated that they do not deny that banana is a healthy fruit, but they don't like it because of its texture, blandness, overripe, and mushiness. Another quoted that it may seem unimaginable if someone eats a banana next to me; they can't stand it.

8. Cantaloupe

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Cantaloupe, also known as rock melon, helps expel toxins in your body, protects eyesight, and balances blood pressure. To get more benefits from it, add it to your daily routine.

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One commentator noted that cantaloupe is a cheap fruit commonly used in salads, but as you chew it, it worsens the taste in your mouth, which is unpleasant.

9. Pomegranate 

Pomegranate Juice in Glass
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Pomegranate maintains your heart health, promotes collagen production, and protects your cells from radical damage. A person said that no doubt pomegranate is a wonderful fruit, but it takes a lot of effort to eat it, which makes it unworthy.

The second man added the only reason they are not too fond of it is because of its seeds, which are sometimes very hard to chew.

10. Apple

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A man once said, “Apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and it is undoubtedly a fact since apple contains anti-inflammatory property that helps to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy.

One stated that apple comes into his least favorite fruit list because they are boring, have a grainy texture, and are high priced. Also, whenever they eat them, it gives them a stomachache.

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