“That ‘Juice Detox’ Is A Scam” 10 ‘Health’ Trends People Keep Blindly Following

There are a lot of beliefs and trends that people keep following without knowing their validity. There are such health trends that people follow blindly and don’t know the harmful effects these trends can pose. 

1. Raw Water

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Some people believe that consuming raw water is beneficial for health. People think that the nutrients and essential elements are eliminated in processed and clean water. And that is why they should drink pure spring water. But they should know spring water is full of bacteria and contaminants.

2. Detox Tea

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Detox tea has a good reputation for cleansing the body. All the contaminants and pollutants in the body are eliminated through the body through urine. Detox tea helps cleanse the body. But some people believe consuming too much detox tea will clean their body, and they start relying on such detox drinks, which is harmful to the kidneys and stomach.

3. Cabbage Soup Diet

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Cabbage is considered one of those things that play an essential role in weight loss. And people who start a diet first add cabbage to their diet. And some people add this vegetable soup to their daily routine, which shows negative results. It may disturb the nutrition intake, which leads to weakness and fatigue. Other issues caused by cabbage soup include irritability, discomfort, flatulence, and loss of concentration.

4. Juicing Diets

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There is a myth that people can lose weight by only consuming juices. But there is no medical evidence of this statement. And the reality is this by drinking only liquids. There is no calorie intake. And the sweet taste of juice enhances the cravings. In response, a person eats even more than the usual days. In this way, no diet is followed. It also creates fatigue ad headaches.

5. Oil Pulling/ Oil Swishing

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Oil pulling or oil swishing is the practice of applying oil outside the mouth. It originated from Indian Ayurveda practice. People believe this practice helps kill bacteria and boost the health of the oral cavity and the whole body. It is practiced to keep the hygiene level high. But in books, such practice is not validated to boost health. Thus one may call this an absurd practice.

6. Magnet Therapy

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Magnet therapy is another belief that people follow due to a lack of knowledge and education. It is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine practice, and it is assumed that the weak static magnetic field helps reduce pain. It is used in the pain of joints, back pain, arthritis, and headaches. But a person with little awareness and basic knowledge can not comprehend this illogical practice because no medical book supports this practice. 

7. Goat Yoga

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Yoga is beneficial for a healthy body, mind, and soul. People are advised to practice yoga in the morning to cure and prevent unlimited diseases. But some groups or believers have distracted yoga practice. There are a lot of people who believe in goat yoga which has no reason to exist. In this, people get a goat that sits on the back of the person while doing yoga. They believe it reduces the body and fresh the mind. It sounds insane.

8. Tanorexia

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Sitting under the sun or sunbathing is beneficial for body health and bones. Vitamin D is obtained from this practice. And it is advised by doctors to consume sunlight for healthy bone development in kids. But some people take this statement so seriously that they overtake it. People spend much time under the s in the craze of taking tan. It causes sunburn, irritation, skin cancer, and other skin diseases.

9. Hormone Injections for Anti-Aging

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Everyone wants to look beautiful and young. There are a lot of hormone injections that promise to reduce and slow down the aging process. Thus people rush to avail these injections without knowing their reality. These injections are harmful and cause reproduction problems and other acute and chronic diseases. 

10. Ear Candling

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This is a practice that is done to remove the ear wax. In this, a hollow was inserted into the ear and then burned. People believe that ear wax is collected in this hollow and cleans the ear. But the reality is it is quite an easy way to get an infection in the ear.

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